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~Review~ Bait by Lissa Ford~




Bait (Bait & Switch #1) by Lissa Ford 

*****5 Stars*****


“We can deal with your past when you just let us get on with our present.”

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This book was so right up my alley and I devoured it within not even two days. That alone should be indication enough of how much I loved it. And we are talking about a long book here. The story held me captivated from the first page up until the very last, never a dull or dragging moment.

Danny is a Special Agent with the FBI, following a long family tradition.


It is not an obligation for him, though, it is passion. He loves his job and he wants to make a difference, but he feels the pressure that comes with his name, nonetheless. On the one hand, there are his colleagues, at least some of them, who give him the side eye because they always suspect some sort of nepotism, of him being favored. On the other hand, there is always the fear of disappointing his family, of not living up to their expectations, even if his family is very understanding and caring in this regard.

When a sting goes wrong, the guilt of having this fear proven right makes him desperately grab for the last chance his boss offers to stay a field agent: an undercover job as a hustler in a gay nightclub to convict the owner as the leader of an extortion ring using sex slaves for bait.

Alexi, the owner of Club Fetish, has his own fair share of guilt.

Guilt over events in his past that helped him survive, but led to destroy the lives of innocent bystanders. He is a criminal who tries to left his past behind and who built up something on his own. A name. A business. A life.

When both men meet they are caught by surprise by the pure lust they feel in an instant…

… but there is also something else.

No worries, not insta-love, but each man stirs something in the other both did not expect, much less want to pursue. Being together with a cop is bad for business and being together with a criminal – even more so, a suspect – is even worse for the career. Furthermore, Dan is not even sure about his own sexuality, much less out of the closet. To solve the case, Dan has to decide how far he would go, how much he can trust Alexi to be on the right side and what he would do to give them a chance.

Some reviewers said in their reviews that this book is lacking the romance. I would only partially agree. First of all, this is the beginning of a series and with the background of both characters, the romance definitely needs development. Alexi is a suspect in a crime after all and there are trust issues left and right. Declaring their undying love for each other would have been less than believable in my eyes. And no, there is no “real” sex in this book, but both men have lots of page-time together and whenever they meet, for me the atmosphere was sizzling, just because of the looks they shared, or the things they said, or when they kissed… I could feel the chemistry there and that was enough for me.

The next book is due this year and I really hope that will be true because I cannot wait to see where this is going.


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