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~Review~Broken by Nicola Haken~





Broken by Nicola Haken

*****5 Stars*****transp

OMG…this book did a number on me.

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Though this was not an easy read…it was a very beautiful one. Facebook Heart Emoticon

I do want to point out the warning in this book because there are some serious triggers and this book doesn’t pull any punches. I’m not going to spoiler it too much…just saying.

Theodore is a very happy out and proud gay man.

He has good friends, a nice family and he has recently started working a new job at a big publishing house. Which for Theodore is awesome, because he loves books and is secretly writing books himself. When he’s out with his friends and new colleagues, he meets a mysterious and very sexy man in the bathroom. Theodore is not the kind of man, who normally has one night stands and he doesn’t hook up just for sex. This guy, however, pushes all his buttons…so he ends up in a stall, getting pounded by a stranger. The stranger leaves right after when Theo is still pulling up his pants…Of course, he feels guilty afterward and is disgusted with himself…but what’s done is done and for some reason, he can’t stop thinking about this guy.

James is the CEO, of a big publishing company.

His father died not too long ago leaving everything to him. He doesn’t have any friends because he doesn’t want to. He’s not really close with his family. He had a great bond with his father and he has a little one with his brother. He absolutely adores his niece, though. He’s rude, arrogant and is viewed by many as an asshole. He fucks around a lot and has a reputation because of it at work….he is, however, the boss.

But this, not all that James is.

He is so much more and he is so very troubled. My heart broke for James. Even though he was an asshole, in the beginning, I felt an instant connection with his character.

He was hurting so much….

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When Theo finally meets the boss (with all his reputations), he’s not happy to find out it’s the same man, he had a rump within the bathroom. James, however, is very interested in Theo. Theo does everything to avoid him. But when he’s forced to help James out one night, he starts to find out that things aren’t always as they seem. They sort of become friends first…

…not for long though because there is major chemistry between this men. 😛

 But James is struggling…so he lays everything in the open, even though he knows chances are that Theo will leave him if he finds out the truth. Theo doesn’t of course….his love is unconditional and damn I loved Theo for everything he had to go through with James. He was so strong and he never gave up.

His love for James was epic…

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Like I said…this is not an easy book. It is very raw, but also very real.

People struggle with mental illness every day…I myself have anxiety, but some of my close friends struggle with depression and self-harm. I liked that this book didn’t hold back….it was very real and heartbreaking, but also beautiful. It shows that we all need love and hope and that there can be…

…Light in the darkness.

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I loved it !! By the way….these guys were so hot together. Emoticon in love


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