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~Review~ Unbroken by Larry Benjamin




Unbroken by Larry Benjamin

*****5 Stars*****


It’s been a day since I’ve finished Unbroken.

Initially, I didn’t want to write my thoughts. But I can’t get over it, I can’t let this go, needless to say, I can’t get into any other story. So hear me out because I need to get this off my chest.

There are stories that leave me speechless. Their impact is so big on me that I feel it’s not even worth attempting to make sense of my thoughts. Why should I try? I won’t be able to make it justice anyway. I feel too small in the face of such greatness. However, I’ll have to give this a shot though because I am desperate for closure.

There are stories that put your past readings to shame when you are faced with memorable ones.There are stories that speak quietly to your heart, whispering secrets you listen to in awe and others that you just don’t want to listen to but by that time, you have to, because it’s already too late, you are already bonded and committed as a best friend. And so you do what best friends do best: you listen, the bad and the good. You listen to this voice who is taking you on this memorable journey, don’t forget to put on your big pants and face the tears because if you have a heart, you will shed some.

This is Lincoln’s story, a boy beautiful as a girl.

Lincoln from a very early age (kindergarten) announces he will marry his best friend, Orlando when he grows up.

He believed in their lies until he was 12.

He believed he would change and would want to marry a girl, have children, and a dog and other things boys wanted when they grew up. Time had passed and he was still broken. Lincoln then realized that he would have to just make it through the long night of his adolescence. This was the time he grasped the concept of hope.

Lincoln had to keep everything locked inside though because when his family made him sit on his hands or clasp them behind his back when he spoke, they stilled Lincoln’s hands and his words failed. He grew quiet.

Lincoln story spans for over 25 years. It goes in a steady consuming pace.You can’t stop reading it. I should mention that I liked the first part the most because of the romance and Lincoln’s self-discovery. However, it’s not Romance what drives the second part of it. Life is.

Unbroken is a beautiful moving story in its purest essence.

It’s a story about strength, integrity, loyalty, dreams, hope and love. It touched me deeply and left me tearful countless times.

I recommend Unbroken to everyone who loved Wolfsong.


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