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~Review~The Cad and the Co-Ed by L.H. Cosway&Penny Reid



The Cad and the Co-Ed (Rugby #3)by L.H. Cosway&Penny Reid

****4 Stars****

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I was very excited about this book since I absolutely loved the previous books in this series. Thankfully I was not disappointed with this one.

Bryan Leech is well known for playing rugby and woman. He is also an alcoholic.

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Eilish is Sean’s (book 2) 19-year-old cousin and she has always had a big crush on the handsome rugby player. So when he shows an interest in her at his teammate’s wedding, she feels like she is the luckiest girl in the world.

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They share a passionate night together, that means the world to Eilish.

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However, come morning, she finds out, he doesn’t exactly feel the same way. He doesn’t exactly feel anything since he can’t remember a damn thing about it.

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To top it all off, she is not only heartbroken but also pregnant…Since Bryan made it perfectly clear he wasn’t interested in her and he is still running around being his drunk womanizing self, she keeps this news to herself.

She goes to America, has her son Patrick and works three jobs to support herself and him. After a couple of years going at it alone, she get’s really sick. Her cousin Sean convinces her to come back and let him help her, so she can get healthy, and finish her degree. I really liked Sean in the previous book, but I fell in love with him even more in this one !!

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Now, Sean has also arranged a job for within his team, as an intern physical therapist. She really needs this job, but she also knows that…

..she will have to come face to face with her past.

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When she sees Bryan again after 5 years, it becomes clear that her feelings for him are still very real. Bryan has cleaned up his act in the meantime and has been sober for 18 months. He takes an immediate shining to Eilish and even though he is not supposed to start any relationships yet (his plants keep dying), he can’t resist the pull between the two of them.

Now she only has to tell him, that he took her virginity, broke her heart and that he is the father of her 4-year-old son.

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I really enjoyed this story, it was funny and sweet, sexy and a bit more emotional I think than the previous books. I myself still love book 2 the most, though. Sean and Lucy are still my favorite couple. I’m very curious to see who is gonna be next…at least I hope there will be the next book….can’t wait !!


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