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~Review~ Moment Of Fate by Karen Stivali~




Moment Of Fate (Moments In Time #5) 

by Karen Stivali

*****5 Stars*****


Absolutely loved this!

I loved everything about this book.The writing, the characters, the sex, the feelings.I really didn’t want it to end.I’ve read a few really good books in the last few weeks and this is way up there with them….it may even be top of the pile!I don’t know how she’s done it but Karen Stivali has created passion, chemistry, and feelings that just felt so real.

Bryan is a photography student in his final year, juggling his schoolwork and also playing in a band.For reasons that are explained, he’s given up sex for a year but his celibacy is about to be severely tested when he meets Oliver.

Oliver was engaged to his high school best friend. A convenient arrangement for both of them until she finds someone she doesn’t just love but has fallen in love with.(Don’t worry, no cheating, and Oliver is more than happy that she has found true love ).
Oliver re-evaluates his life, he comes out to his family, leaves his hometown and moves to New York, determined to embrace his sexuality.

The intensity between them is evident from the start but it’s so much more than insta lust, believe me.They become friends first with Bryan introducing Oliver to the NY gay scene.Bryan has problems of his own, though and it’s not just that he’s been hurt in love before.The last thing he’s really looking for is any kind of relationship.

“You called me your guardian angel and told me you thought fate had brought me into your life.”

I can’t explain how perfect these men are together and it’s not just sexually.Even when they are just hanging out together doing everyday things the connection between them feels so strong.

The sex scenes …

This is hot, I mean really hot, with some of the best sex scenes I’ve read. I really can’t explain but I think it’s down to the writing.Even when they’re filthy dirty it’s beautiful, you can feel the passion and intensity coming off the pages.

Highly recommended… it, I’m sure you’ll not be disappointed!!

An ARC of Moment Of Fate was generously provided by the authors, in exchange for an honest review.


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2 thoughts on “~Review~ Moment Of Fate by Karen Stivali~

  1. Thanks,darling.This book is just brilliant,the narration is superb.You’ll definitely fall in love with Bryan and Oliver.I really appreciate your comment,x


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