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~Review~ The Alpha King by Victoria Sue



flamingtext__24911581362370584The Alpha King by Victoria Sue

****4 Stars****

I love shifter books, but I don’t read a lot of mpreg.

This is because most of the ones I did read (or started), were a big disappointment to me.  This book, however, I really enjoyed. The world-building and character development were very nicely done. I also really liked this author writing style. And even though I like my smut, this book wasn’t one big sex fest, it had content and a great storyline. It did have knotting , though….just so you know.

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Luca is the Alpha-heir and he has reached the age (25) to choose his Omega.

During the Choosing ceremony, he has to choose one of the Omega’s that are presented, to mate with. This will give him Alpha status and his powers. Problem is, that none of the Omega’s presented interest him. Like all werewolves, Luca is bi-sexual, but he prefers men. There are only two male Omega’s and they will probably be picked by the other Alpha. Doesn’t really matter anyway, because even the male Omega’s don’t hold his attention.

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Luca knows he has to pick one because if he doesn’t he won’t reach his Alpha status and he won’t be able to make the changes he desperately wants to make. Everything changes, though, when he catches the eyes of a human servant, who is about to be beaten. His whole world stops and he has only one thing on his mind…

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor mine + gif

I really loved Luca and Kit together…

Though I have to say, that Luca made some dumbass mistakes. I forgave him (after he groveled), because well….It’s not every day that you become an Alpha King. Thankfully we also have Kit and he was really an amazing character. He was so strong and so loving.

The mpreg part was done very nicely, it was weird…but in a good way. 😛

A lot of things happen in this story and I could say so much more…but I won’t. I think that if you enjoy a good shifter story and you don’t mind the mpreg, then you should just give it a go yourself. I myself would love another book about Sam and Asher, who were awesome side characters in this book !!

Also a big”thank you” to Susan, who always recs the best books to me.


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