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~Review~ Alasdair by Ella Frank




Alasdair (Masters Among Monsters #1) by Ella Frank

*****5 Stars*****


Absolutely loved this!! Sexy, Greek Vampires…yes, please!!

I saw a friend’s review for this and when I saw it was Ella Frank and M/M I was sold !!!!

There have been a few PNR series I’ve read and enjoyed but the thing that puts me off them is that I find it takes a while to get into them.There always seems to be so much information, scene setting and a lot of characters thrown at you.I’m happy to say that’s not the case here.I was hooked straight away with this one.

Alasdair is an extremely powerful vampire, second only to Vasilios.One night he spots a human, Leo, although he can’t understand why he is drawn to him.He watches him for 2 weeks before making his move to feed from him
Something happens that he wasn’t prepared for and at a loss to understand it he takes Leo captive…

Leo sees himself as an ordinary young man and finds himself thrown into a completely alien world.But despite his fear and uncertainty at what is happening he can’t help but be fascinated by Alasdair.
The story is captivating as we come to question is Leo all he seems??

I’ve noticed a few people have commented on the lack of romance in this.To be honest, it didn’t bother me, in fact, I think a romantic element at this stage wouldn’t have worked here.What I will say is that it’s extremely erotic.Surprisingly, for this Author, the full on sex scenes are sparse.But I found the sexual tension off the charts hot!! I’m normally all about lots of well-written sex scenes in my books but sometimes the sexual tension can be hotter than descriptive sex and that certainly was the case here.

I just absolutely loved everything about this book!


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