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~Review~ Mr. Mysterious by J.A. Huss



Mr. Mysterious (Mister #4) by J.A. Huss

****3.5 STARS****

Imagini pentru 3.5 stars

This is the 4 book of the Mr. series.Of all the covers of this series, this cover is my personal favorite. I like the guy on the cover.

In this volume, the main characters are Pax and Cindy.

Cindy is the sister of Oliver, which is the main character of the next volume, and Spencer’s Shrike daughter. Cinderella or baby-bombshell is a smart genius freak, who knows what she wants and that is the man of her life.She is very funny and is very ambitious.

WHAT I LIKE!!:     Mens gypsy style:

Pax is the mysterious man of the group of the 5 Mr.‘sand not in vain is called Mr. Mysterious. Pax loves his mother very much. He is an intelligent freak as well. He’s fixing everything. Cindy appears in his life like a tornado, exactly when he least expected it.

Diam0nd Agnelli:

When Cindy appears in Pax’s life, I thought that she is a freak, a psycho, but after that I understood. But I did not understand Pax. His attitude and his love for Cindy are too sudden and too fast.

Off all the 5 books in this series, this one seem to me the weakest of all. I get bored. Sorry about that, but for me did not work out.For me what saved the book was the scene at the end, the action of the book.


Throughout the book, I wanted to read a book from Fives POV and I am very happy to know that it will be a book from his POV.

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