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~Review~ Mr. Match by J.A. Huss



Mr. Match (Mister #5) by J.A. Huss

****4 Stars****

Imagini pentru 4 stars

Mr. Match is the fifth book in J.A. Huss’s Mister series and it’s Katja and Oliver Shrike’s book. We got the answers to all the questions we had. I know that it says that all the book in this series are standalone, but to enjoy them well it’s best that they are read in order.


Oliver Shrike is the son of Spencer Shrike of Shrike’s Bikes, and Veronica ‘Bombshell’ Shrike. Oliver Shrike is Mr. Match, it’s the owner of the Hook-Me-Up site, an intelligent, beautiful and rich man. Everyone question is why doesn’t he have a woman, especially if he owns a hook-up site. But Oliver found his love of his life 4 years back. And since then, he never wanted anyone.  But fate decides to change his life, forever this time.

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Katja Kalashova found her love of her life 4 years ago when she was seventeen. She had a rough life, a sad past and many secrets. Their love affair was unconventional. They were sexually and emotionally attracted to each other. But in order to save her sister and Oliver, she had to leave Oliver. But now, after 4 years she is back and she is trying hard to fight for her own happiness.

Of course, we discover the whole story and the people responsible for the Mr’s tragedy were they wore charged 10 years ago.

But will Oliver and  Katja have a new chance to a new life and happiness?

Cant wait to read and discover the future books and stories of other characters.



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