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~Review~ Guns n’Boys: He Is Mine by K.A. Merikan



Guns n’Boys: He Is Mine (Guns n’ Boys #2)

*****4.5 Stars*****


Dark. Brutal. Intense…. but also a little crazy and very hot!

That description does not only apply to Domenico Acerbi, but also to the book itself. Phew, sometimes it so pays off going with your heart and – most of all – listening to your friends to go on (or in my case probably power through) a series, although the first book was not really a direct hit…

.Steve Boyd:

Your reward might be a story that makes you:

  • a bit anxious and keeping your eyes glued to your Kindle
  • peeking through your fingers at some quite brutal scenes
  • swallowing with anticipation in regard to what will happen next
  • flinging the window open in the middle of winter because fanning yourself is not enough
  • and grinning like a fool.

Yes, all of it. Sometimes parts of it even at the same time. And at the end, it leaves you breathless, because the last 20% or so are a hell of a rollercoaster ride…

I won’t go into detail because after that ending…… I’m really anxious to go on to the next book, but I want to revert to some things that bugged me in the last story.

mario blanco | Tumblr:   Mario Casas - quadruplica, Senhor! o/:

Yes, there are still a few eye-roll-inducing metaphors in this book, but they are few and far between, so I generously overlooked them this time. 😉

Although Dom is still my favorite, I really liked Seth in this book. Eventually, he grew a pair of balls and did not behave like a whiny toddler all the time.I loved that he talked back and was able to man up when it came to the point.And – what’s most important – I finally felt the connection and chemistry between Dom and Seth, although the ups and downs of their relationship made me quite dizzy.

I guess, since I’m still at the beginning of this ride, there are more to come and I should get used to it. I have a feeling that the authors don’t want to make this easy. Not for the boys. And not for us.


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~Review~ Taking Turns by J.A. Huss



Taking Turns (Turning #1)by J.A.Huss

*****4.5 Stars*****


Taking Turns is the first book of the Turning series and can’t wait to read the next ones.This book was certainly not the way I was expected. It’s not what it seems, for me anyway. I was expecting dark, much darker.

Welcome to Turning Point Club. Where your deepest desires are realized and all your dreams come true. GET IT NOW: AMAZON: iTUNES: KOBO: B&N: AMAZON UK: AMAZON AU: AMAZON CA:    Taking Turns is on sale now! AMAZON: iTUNES: KOBO: B&N: AMAZON UK: AMAZON AU: AMAZON CA:

 It is a good book, hot and very interesting. I didn’t read this kind of menage book before, so I was very surprised. In a good way. But also I was expecting more drama, more secrets, more action and definitely action in the club. Knowing the mindfuck games of  Mrs. Huss. At the beginning, I was very confused, but on the way, I understand it all.The characters are very intriguing and interesting, each character is unique in his own way.

Amazon:  iTUNES:  KOBO:  B&N:

Marcella Walcott or Chella is the daughter of a senator. She has everything she wants, money, job, but not love.And unfortunately, she never had love, not even in her childhood. She had darkness in her soul. She’s hiding something and that is her reason for joining the game of Taking Turns with 3 sexy strangers, Bric, Smith, and Quin. As a heroine, I liked her very much, because she always was honest, funny very direct. She knew what she wants and was always after that thing.


Smith Baldwin is Nr. One. He’s the silent one. Always watching from the shadows. In the beginning, he is intimidating and kind of a jerk. He is rough and sweet. From the three of them, he is the richest of all but doesn’t show this. He is funny and hot. At the beginning, you will hate him, but in the end, you will fall in love with him. When he takes control, he takes it without any hesitation. He will steal your heart just like he stole mine. You’ll see.

Taking Turns is on sale now! AMAZON: iTUNES: KOBO: B&N: AMAZON UK: AMAZON AU: AMAZON CA:

Quin Foster is the easiest to love. He makes you comfortable with him immediately because he’s easy to talk too, to laugh and share things with him. Chella felt at ease with him right away. He’s the sweet to Bric’s brusqueness. And he’s the least complicated out of the three. You’ll know what I mean when you read the book.
Taking Turns is on sale now! AMAZON: iTUNES: KOBO: B&N: AMAZON UK: AMAZON AU: AMAZON CA:

Taking Turns is on sale now! AMAZON: iTUNES: KOBO: B&N: AMAZON UK: AMAZON AU: AMAZON CA:

Elias “Bric” Bricman is the dominant of the group. He’s the owner of the sex club. He’s base of the triangle. He can be sweet and kind when he wants to. But in the bedroom…that’s another story..he’s commanding and ruthless. Off all tree of them, he’s the one you should be afraid of in the bedroom. He just takes anything and everything he wants.

Taking Turns is on sale now! AMAZON: iTUNES: KOBO: B&N: AMAZON UK: AMAZON AU: AMAZON CA:   Taking Turns is on sale now! AMAZON: iTUNES: KOBO: B&N: AMAZON UK: AMAZON AU: AMAZON CA:

Every chapter of the book is written from each character’s Pov, so this way we know what everyone feels or thinks.What happens and what secrets are reviled it’s up to you to read the book and discover.


Although the majority of the story is happening in the sex club building, we do not see any action there, just one small scene, wich I don’t like at all. The bitch in me wanted some more action in the sex club. I adore menage books and sex club books. So….you know what I mean.

I like to think that this book is about finding love where and when you least expect.

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~Review~ Mr. Match by J.A. Huss



Mr. Match (Mister #5) by J.A. Huss

****4 Stars****

Imagini pentru 4 stars

Mr. Match is the fifth book in J.A. Huss’s Mister series and it’s Katja and Oliver Shrike’s book. We got the answers to all the questions we had. I know that it says that all the book in this series are standalone, but to enjoy them well it’s best that they are read in order.


Oliver Shrike is the son of Spencer Shrike of Shrike’s Bikes, and Veronica ‘Bombshell’ Shrike. Oliver Shrike is Mr. Match, it’s the owner of the Hook-Me-Up site, an intelligent, beautiful and rich man. Everyone question is why doesn’t he have a woman, especially if he owns a hook-up site. But Oliver found his love of his life 4 years back. And since then, he never wanted anyone.  But fate decides to change his life, forever this time.

How to Do Push-Ups Like David Beckham | GQ:         i posed for the picture that my friends were taking my fraternal twin was next(leona daughter of vice president.12):

Katja Kalashova found her love of her life 4 years ago when she was seventeen. She had a rough life, a sad past and many secrets. Their love affair was unconventional. They were sexually and emotionally attracted to each other. But in order to save her sister and Oliver, she had to leave Oliver. But now, after 4 years she is back and she is trying hard to fight for her own happiness.

Of course, we discover the whole story and the people responsible for the Mr’s tragedy were they wore charged 10 years ago.

But will Oliver and  Katja have a new chance to a new life and happiness?

Cant wait to read and discover the future books and stories of other characters.



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~Review~ Mr. Mysterious by J.A. Huss



Mr. Mysterious (Mister #4) by J.A. Huss

****3.5 STARS****

Imagini pentru 3.5 stars

This is the 4 book of the Mr. series.Of all the covers of this series, this cover is my personal favorite. I like the guy on the cover.

In this volume, the main characters are Pax and Cindy.

Cindy is the sister of Oliver, which is the main character of the next volume, and Spencer’s Shrike daughter. Cinderella or baby-bombshell is a smart genius freak, who knows what she wants and that is the man of her life.She is very funny and is very ambitious.

WHAT I LIKE!!:     Mens gypsy style:

Pax is the mysterious man of the group of the 5 Mr.‘sand not in vain is called Mr. Mysterious. Pax loves his mother very much. He is an intelligent freak as well. He’s fixing everything. Cindy appears in his life like a tornado, exactly when he least expected it.

Diam0nd Agnelli:

When Cindy appears in Pax’s life, I thought that she is a freak, a psycho, but after that I understood. But I did not understand Pax. His attitude and his love for Cindy are too sudden and too fast.

Off all the 5 books in this series, this one seem to me the weakest of all. I get bored. Sorry about that, but for me did not work out.For me what saved the book was the scene at the end, the action of the book.


Throughout the book, I wanted to read a book from Fives POV and I am very happy to know that it will be a book from his POV.

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