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~Review~ Atonement by Sloane Kennedy




Atonement (The Protectors #6) by Sloane Kennedy

  *****5 Stars*****

  Afbeeldingsresultaat voor 5 red stars

This is book 6 in the in the “Protectors” series and just like all the other ones…

 I absolutely loved this one. 

This time it is Dante and Magnus’ turn.


We have been introduced to Magnus in the previous books. He is a 41 year old (former) Texas Ranger, who is still very much hurting over the loss of his daughter. His daughter disappeared when she was 17 years old after she ran away from home. She took her, then 3-year-old, son with her. After searching and hoping for 2 years, it has now become very clear, that even though his grandson Matty was saved by Tate, his daughter did not survive. Magnus is really struggling with the fact, that he will never know what exactly happened to his daughter, but thankfully he has the love and support of a whole new family.

Dante was introduced in the previous book as a security guard for young Matty. Dante has a horrible past of his own and he tends to burry his past, by acting like a man-slut. When Dante is first introduced to Matty’s grandfather Magnus, he is shocked by the attraction he feels for the man. He does his best to flirt with him and to try to get into man’s pants. He doesn’t care if Magnus is gay or straight or bi…he just wants in there.

That’s not how Magnus feels, though. He may be a bit surprised by the fact that he feels some attraction for Dante, but he is mostly annoyed with Dante’s slutty ways. Especially after catching the man in the act a few times.

When Magnus has to go home to Texas to testify in a high-profile case and Dante is ordered as his security detail, things between the two of them start to change. Magnus becomes more and more aware of his growing feelings for Dante and Dante himself starts to see different sides of Magnus. The sexual tension between them was delicious and when these two came together, they were wicked hot !!!

The sex scenes between this men were the best I have read in a Sloane Kennedy book so far…and that’s saying something, because Sloane sure knows how to write a good sex scene !!Even though Magnus has always figured himself straight, he doesn’t hold back when he wants something and he surely wants Dante.

Things aren’t easy, though. Dante struggles with a lot of self-loathing, so Magnus really has to work to earn his trust.When Dante receives a phone-call that will change his life…Magnus is right there with him, for him to lean on….just like he promised.

“I just…I wanted you to see that I was more than that. That I could be someone you could…”....“Someone you could lean on when you were tired of standing on your own.” 

Magnus and Dante’s story was at time heartbreaking, but it was also very sweet, fun and hot. They showed that together, they were a force to be reckoned with.

“Can we be done with this talking shit and get to the stuff I’m going to kick ass at in this relationship”



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