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~Review~ Ruthless by Gina L. Maxwell

~Review~ by ❤ Mary ❤


Ruthless (Playboys in Love #2) by Gina L. Maxwell

***** 5 STARS *****

For me, this was my first time reading a Gina Maxwell book and most definitely will not be my last. Also, I didn’t read the first book. But I’m grateful that it was not necessary. When I read for the first time the blurb of the book, it drew me. So I was happy. The book stars in a club, where Addison is with her best friend and her boyfriend, who is also with some friends. Addison is attracted to this man, who did not even seem to notice her. Or so thinks her best friend.

This guy is sexy as hell, well build, with piercing in his ears, tongue know where.😁And if this was not enough he is a stripper and obvious a hell of a dancer.😜

“The man who is executing gloriously indecent dance moves probably illegal in at least seven countries isn’t interested in me?”

__________***:    Imagine similară

For the hot guy, she’s a friend of a friend, which makes her off-limits in his book. She is off limits because he doesn’t want to ruin their friendship in the group and make things weird between them.But then the temptation, the attraction, the chemistry between them and especially her power and her fire had him by the balls. She literally fucked his world. They both hope and believe this is a one-night thing.

Roman Reeves is an attorney, a powerful and commanding man, who dominates the courtroom as well as the bedroom. During the day is Roman Reeves sexy as fuck suit man, and at night, when the darkness falls, is Ruthless the sexy as fuck stripper with a kink. 😎

 :         :

“Get your fill of my tits yet, Mr. Reeves?” His eyes snap up to meet mine. “Do I look like Mr. Reeves to you right now, sweetheart? Because I guaran-damn-tee I’m not here as your boss, in any capacity.”

 :    Imagine similară

Addison Paige or wildcat is a newbie attorney, a workaholic, who loves her job, she is strong and feisty. She knows how to push Romans buttons, and make him do what she wants. She always gets what she wants.So after several weeks in which neither one of them could not get out of their had the night at the club, the have a big surprise. Addie starts her new job as a junior attorney and her new boss is the one and only Roman.

“I like control, Addison. I like controlling my lover’s pleasure. Her every desire is fulfilled by me or at my command.”


Together they are the perfect match.How their relationship it’s up to you to find out.

“You know, you have a terrible habit of making decisions for me, and it’s really starting to piss me off. Why don’t you stop being so damn vague, man up, and tell me what it is you think I’ll have such a strong aversion to so I can prove you wrong.”

I loved the book, Roman and his kink, and Addie with her strong personality and funny stuff.😍

ARC of Ruthless was generously provided by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.


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