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~Review~ #Blur by Cambria Hebert


~Review by ~Wendy~


#Blur (GearShark 4) by Cambria Hebert

*****5 Stars*****

Gerelateerde afbeelding

Wow…Ever since reading the previous books in this series (which I loved), I have been looking forwards to Arrow’s story

. I figured I was gonna like his book because I have liked Arrow ever since he was introduced in the previous books. What I had not expected was for this book to become my absolute favorite of the series !!

I do however want to start with a little warning that this book does not pull any punches. There might be some triggers for some people, so be aware. I started crying within the first couple of pages. Damn this book punched me in the gut !!

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If you’ve read any of the previous books, then you already know that Arrow has experienced some difficult times in his life.

 I was very curious about what exactly happened to Arrow. I don’t want to spoiler the story, but I will say that it was awful and that it broke my little black heart…Needless to say, Arrow’s heart and everything about him, was also broken. It has shattered him into a million tiny pieces…

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But Arrow does not give up.

With the help of his brother Jace (book 3), his new sister Joey and his friends Drew and Trent, he starts building a new future…racing cars.This racing career also brings something else to his life, something he didn’t think he would ever have.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor mending a broken heart + gifIt brings him, Hopper.

Hopper is broken in his own way. Once upon a time, he had it all, but one split second took everything away. Now Hopper lives his life in the shadows…

That is until he sets his eyes on Arrow...

“I wasn’t expecting you”……”It’s okay…..I wasn’t expecting you either”

Slowly, these two men, start healing each other’s broken pieces.It isn’t always easy, but it sure is beautiful.

I absolutely loved Arrow and Hopper together.

Gerelateerde afbeeldingThey had a lot of baggage to overcome, but they showed that love does conquer all.In a way, I’m very surprised with how much I loved this book, especially because it has one of my pet peeves’s in it.I won’t tell you which one because it’s a spoiler, but it didn’t really bother me in this story.

The only complaint I have is that I wish there would have been a bit more dialogue, instead of thoughts…

I don’t know if there’s gonna be another book in this series. I really hope so, I’m gonna keep a close eye on this author, because so far, I have loved every book in this series. Even book 3, which was an M/F book, and we all know how difficult I can be about those !!


Highly Recommend!



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