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Atonement (The Protectors #6) 


~Highly Recommend!~

Atonement (The Protectors #6) by Sloane Kennedy

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Once a fuck up, always a fuck up.”

Words twenty-six-year-old Dante Thorne has had to live with for more years than he can count and a title he finally earned at the tender age of sixteen when one careless decision led to tragedy. And since he can’t deny the truth of the words, why not live by them instead? Fucking up, fucking, it doesn’t matter; as long as it feels good and makes him forget the day he failed the one person he’d always sworn to protect. A good philosophy to live by until Dante meets the one man who might actually having him wishing he was something more…

At forty-one and with a distinguished twenty-year career as a Texas Ranger under his belt, Magnus DuCane should have been in the prime of his life. Instead, he’s mourning the loss of the daughter he couldn’t save and contemplating a future that looks nothing like the one he had planned. The only bright spot in his life is the young grandson whose suddenly been returned to him after going missing two years earlier and the new family of men that he’s been welcomed in to with open arms. But with his iron will, unfailing self-control and unflappable discipline, Magnus knows he can start a new chapter and get his life back on track…if he can just get past the disturbing, unexpected feelings one young man stirs in him.

Because everything about Dante Thorne is wrong for Magnus. His arrogance, his cocky attitude, every single unfiltered word that falls unchecked out of his mouth and, of course, the fact that he’s a man.

But when his well-meaning friends send Dante with him as a bodyguard when he returns to Texas to testify in a high-profile case, Magnus begins to see beyond the brash words and endless sexual innuendo. And when he starts to discover that what he sees isn’t all that bad, suddenly the fact that that Dante is a man instead of a woman no longer seems like such a big sticking point anymore…


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~Review~ I Love You More Than Pierogi by K.A. Merikan

~Review by ~Judith~


I Love You More Than Pierogi (World of Love) by  K.A. Merikan

*****4.5 Stars*****


I loved this!! A definite change from the gritty, dark books these girls write.A story of second chance loves for Marek and Adrian-two men who couldn’t be more different.

Marek is very uptight, firmly stuck in the closest.His main focus is his work at an Advertising Agency.

He’s all about how he appears to others, not wanting to let his defenses down.He tries to ignore homophobic slurs from his boss and co-workers, desperately seeking promotion….but his life is about to be turned upside down with the appearance of someone from his past.


Adrian is the complete opposite.He’s open about his sexuality.He’s laid back and charming.He’s spent the last 5 years traveling but now he’s back in Moscow looking for somewhere to stay.
These two men have a past…….they were lovers until Marek let Adrian slip away. 

I don’t know how but these Authors create some of the best couples.Dom and Seth are my all time favorite M/M couple ever and I recently read The Black Sheep and The Rotten Apple and loved Evan and Julian but I’ve got to say Marek and Adrian are right up there.

Marek is a bit of a complex character but I actually got him and really felt for him.He puts on a facade but is deeply unhappy and when Adrian reappears in his life he’s conflicted.He wants Adrian but is he willing to let go of his carefully crafted life and be true to himself?


The two men are thrown together, even more, when Adrian approaches the Advertising Agency Marek works for with the idea of starting up a mobile food truck, concentrating on traditional home cooked food.I absolutely loved this aspect.If there’s one thing I love in books it’s to hear about cooking/food.I loved Adrian cooking in Marek’s kitchen making him authentic polish meals when he came home.I visited Poland when I was very young and can’t remember much about the food but the food described here sounds delicious.

 This is a slow burner on the physical side but the attraction between them and sexual tension was more than enough to keep me satisfied and when they do, eventually, get dirty together it’s just delicious.
And the Epilogue was just perfect.

Highly Recommend!


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~Review~ #Blur by Cambria Hebert


~Review by ~Wendy~


#Blur (GearShark 4) by Cambria Hebert

*****5 Stars*****

Gerelateerde afbeelding

Wow…Ever since reading the previous books in this series (which I loved), I have been looking forwards to Arrow’s story

. I figured I was gonna like his book because I have liked Arrow ever since he was introduced in the previous books. What I had not expected was for this book to become my absolute favorite of the series !!

I do however want to start with a little warning that this book does not pull any punches. There might be some triggers for some people, so be aware. I started crying within the first couple of pages. Damn this book punched me in the gut !!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor punch in the gut + gif

If you’ve read any of the previous books, then you already know that Arrow has experienced some difficult times in his life.

 I was very curious about what exactly happened to Arrow. I don’t want to spoiler the story, but I will say that it was awful and that it broke my little black heart…Needless to say, Arrow’s heart and everything about him, was also broken. It has shattered him into a million tiny pieces…

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor you're breaking my heart + gif

But Arrow does not give up.

With the help of his brother Jace (book 3), his new sister Joey and his friends Drew and Trent, he starts building a new future…racing cars.This racing career also brings something else to his life, something he didn’t think he would ever have.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor mending a broken heart + gifIt brings him, Hopper.

Hopper is broken in his own way. Once upon a time, he had it all, but one split second took everything away. Now Hopper lives his life in the shadows…

That is until he sets his eyes on Arrow...

“I wasn’t expecting you”……”It’s okay…..I wasn’t expecting you either”

Slowly, these two men, start healing each other’s broken pieces.It isn’t always easy, but it sure is beautiful.

I absolutely loved Arrow and Hopper together.

Gerelateerde afbeeldingThey had a lot of baggage to overcome, but they showed that love does conquer all.In a way, I’m very surprised with how much I loved this book, especially because it has one of my pet peeves’s in it.I won’t tell you which one because it’s a spoiler, but it didn’t really bother me in this story.

The only complaint I have is that I wish there would have been a bit more dialogue, instead of thoughts…

I don’t know if there’s gonna be another book in this series. I really hope so, I’m gonna keep a close eye on this author, because so far, I have loved every book in this series. Even book 3, which was an M/F book, and we all know how difficult I can be about those !!


Highly Recommend!



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~Review~ Insurrection by Arshad Ahsanuddin


~Review~ by ~Simone~


Insurrection (The Interscission Project #3)

*****5 Stars*****


         Impending-book-hangover-from-hell material

How-To-Travel-Back-In-Time-Spell.jpg (720×576):

.. might be the only way to save the future.

But what are you willing to give? What are you willing to risk? I know I have said something similar in my review for Azimuth, but in this book it gets even more apparent what might be at stake…

I have to apologize in advance, in case this review turns into rambling. I was so absorbed in the story, my feelings are still all over the place… Where the hell do I even start??? Well, the beginning might be a good starting point.

Back to the roots seems to be the motto of the first chapters. You get teleported back to the time when everything began when certain events are set in motion. You learn more about the incident that costs the life of the parents of Marty and his twin Jacob. You learn more about how all the characters, who were involved in enabling time travels, met. You learn more about their pasts and what led them to make certain decisions that have an impact on their futures lives. You learn more about the relationship of Martin and his first love Charles, and you definitely wish to learn more about what could have been…

tumblr_obqd31YuOD1tylr0uo1_500.gif (499×750)Back in the timeline of the events at the end of Azimuth, for Martin and Edward (and all the others) everything seems to have calmed down after the apparent death of the time traveler Gifford and the threat he posed for their lives. New insights about Martin’s former mentor, Admiral O’Dare and his secret military organization Hourglass, who wants to stop the ostensible threat of time travel for humanity by eliminating everyone who was involved in the first place, brings them back into action.

And time is running out…

Their primal mission is to stop the Admiral from succeeding, only to find themselves suddenly in a position to help him, when everything takes a surprising turn and new possibilities present themselves that might have an alternating effect on their personal past and the people that come along with it.

I know I’m repeating myself – again -, but what a brilliant ride this was! In case you couldn’t already tell, I just loved everything about this book… In fact, I might have loved it more than Zenith and Azimuth, if that is even possible. The reason?

For one, it may be the fact that the story is more focused on personal relationships.

Living life in peace...

Marty kissed him again, more deeply this time, and muttered, “Thank you.””For what?” “For being you.” He stroked Edward’s cheek with one fingertip. “And for coming back to me.” “I love you.” “I love you more.”


You get more romance, more intimacy between the characters and..well – although it is not the most important part for me, but I won’t complain, either 😉 – more sexy times.

On the other hand, the aspects of the story are well-balanced.The romance is perfectly integrated into a more thrilling parts, which gives you time to breathe and only makes you feel even more for the characters because you never know what kind of surprise is lurking round the Corner.

The character development, especially Marty’s, is breathtaking.

A hero against his will, willing to take every risk by trying to save his loved ones. He was my hero right from the start and I was glad that did not change one bit and he stayed true to himself over the whole storyline. But all the others are strong characters as well and I have rarely read a series where each and every character was portrayed so authentic and plausible. Just another indication of the outstanding writing style of the author.

Furthermore, you get the chance to be absorbed in the story, to begin with, because the leaps in the timeline, are kept within limits and you are able to read it in one go without scratching your head and wondering sometimes what’s going on.

Although I could have totally lived with the ending as it was…

(well, maybe except for the somewhat ominous epilog), you will never hear me complain about the fact that there will be another book in this series. On the contrary…

I can hardly wait to get my grabby hands on it!Highly recommended!



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