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~Review~ Mr.Corporate by J.A. Huss

~Review ~by ❤ Mary ❤


Mr. Corporate (Mister #3) by J.A. Huss

****4 STARS****


Mr. Corporate is the third book in the Mister’s series. This is Weston and Tori story.

Tori’s company it is in bankruptcy. She desperately needs new contracts to save her company. One day she receives an anonymous call with a hint of a big contract. So she follows the hint. 

FotografieMr.Corporate is Weston Conrad. For me, this is more Mr. Romantic. It’s more a romantic and sweet guy. And also sexy as hell, like the others Mister’s. Weston is the best headhunter in the business.

This story it’s a second chance romance.

Weston and Tori dated on and off in the past, but they really loved each other. Still LOVE each other.

As much as I loved Weston, as much I hated Tori. She was crazy, but not in a good way. She was fighting for everything. For every reason. I understand that she had a rough life, a rough childhood, but this is not acceptable, from my POV. The only thing that Weston wanted from her was to make her happy, to make her his wife, the mother of his children, to love her and cherish her. 

This book was way, to nice and vanilla for me but I loved the action in the book, and I am very curious how the story continuous with the Mister’s story.


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