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~Review~ Beyond Complicated by Mercy Celeste


~Review by ~Jan~


Beyond Complicated by Mercy Celeste

****4 Stars****


There is no point of trying to sugar coat this. Therefore, let me go straight for the kill. Warning: Pseudo-incestuous themes. MMM sexual situations. May not be suitable for sensitive readers.

Beyond Complicated is the kind of story that makes one squirm, cringe and feel uncomfortable. Most of you would probably think that this is a sordid story and as such, of course, you wouldn’t touch it even with a ten-foot pole. I can’t really blame you if you read the blurb and the tags.

Newsflash: Beyond Complicated is not a black and white story as one can think. So please, don’t go all almighty making assumptions and judgments. I admit it could have been a sordid story alright if it wasn’t for the fact that there are over fifty tons of fucked up gray between the black and white, which in case you are wondering, leads this story to angst and depth in spades.

In my very honest and conflicted opinion, Beyond Complicated was royally fucked up complicated. My ramblings, sadly, will follow this lead as I finished this with my feelings all over the place.

Writing: 5 Stars.  I found it refreshing, intriguing and remarkably witty. There was a dose of dry humor that captivated me.

“I closed my phone. I mean what I was supposed to say to that? Holy fucking shit. I flopped back in the sand and wished for one huge mother-fucking wave to come and wash me away.”

Storyline/Originality: 5 Stars

Angst: 5 Stars for all the hell Liam put me through. Liam has been wronged so bloody many times!

Depth of the book: 5 Stars

Hero/ Liam: 5 Stars.What’s not to like about him? Swoon!

Hero/Seth: 2 Stars  Seth was kind of meh.I think his character was poorly developed.

 Hero/Kel: 5 Stars for the sweetest boy ever. And dirty. 😉


Now, here is where the story let me down. I was disappointed with the way the author developed Kel/Liam relationship. I didn’t feel exactly at which point Liam fell in love with Kel. How it happened. I wish it was handled differently because my heart didn’t follow it. However, the other way around worked to the T.  Jesus! The way Kel grew up in such an unstable family, and knowing Liam was not his father, how could Kel NOT be in love with Liam considering it all? Liam was his rock. I would be in love with Liam!

How to rate this? On one hand, I was amazed me and on the other, I was disappointed. It’s been hours since I’ve finished this and I can’t wrap my head around making sense of my thoughts as a whole.

I think Beyond Complicated was an incredible and compelling story, painful at times but with a very important piece missing romance wise.

I definitely recommend this book.



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