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~Review~ Naughty Boss by Whitney G.

~Review~ by ❤ Mary ❤


Naughty Boss by Whitney G.

*****5 STARS***** 


This book made my day. Was all I need’it. Short, funny and super hot.

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Mya got her dream job, as an executive assistant. But as much as she loves her job, as much she hates her boss, who is making her life a living hell. So…to help her pass her day better, she talks to her bestie every day via email, unburdening to her the awful things that her boss makes to her. 

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Michael,  the naughty boss is a playboy, sexy as fuck, demanding and dominant asshole. And Mya although she hates him, she is more and more attracted to him. She dreams naughty things about him.

In the most awful day of hers, she accidentally sends her email to her boss, instead of her friend.He definitely wasn’t supposed to get that email…

This book was so much fun. I loved their cat and dog game.



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