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~Review~ The Impossible Boy by Anna Martin~




The Impossible Boy by Anna Martin

*****4.5 Stars*****


“I’m a boy and a girl both, in different ways.Some people call it gender-fluid.”

When I read a friend’s review of this and saw the blurb I just knew it was my kind of book.I adore femme men, I love the heels, the makeup, the long hair, the clothes.And add into the mix a man who is the opposite and I’m in book heaven.

I make no apologies for the fact I like my men to be dirty, really dirty.I’m talking about men being manhandled and pushed around in the most deliciously filthy ways and this book is nothing like that.

These two men don’t fuck
These two men make love
And it is quite beautiful.

Stan is 22 and has just moved to London to start a job working for a fashion magazine.He’s stunningly beautiful and has loads of offers to become a model but that’s definitely not an option for him due to his past.He had the opportunity to go through transition but couldn’t as he doesn’t identify with being transgender.I didn’t really understand fully what being gender-fluid was and thought the Author explained it well, especially in the conversations Stan had with Ben and Tone.


Stan meets Ben one night in the bar Ben works in.When Ben first sees Stan he is blown away by his beauty, initially thinking he’s a girl.However, when he realizes Stan is a man he’s not fazed in any way.

For the most part, men didn’t like being come on to by a man who looked more like a girl.A hot girl.A really hot, slightly confusing girl.Stan knew what he looked like he owned it.

This book was not what I expected at all.It’s romantic and sweet.These men don’t rush into bed, they go on dates, they hold hands and their relationship develop at just the right pace.Ben is completely unfazed by Stan’s past, he just sees a beautiful man he wants to be with.On Stan’s part, he’s never had the kind of attention Ben gives him from any other man.

It’s not all rainbows and sunshine, though, when Stan’s demons from the past resurface.However, it wasn’t unnecessary drama and played an important part in these two men’s relationship.

Highly recommended!

ARC of The Impossible Boy was generously provided by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.


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~Review~ Mr.Perfect by J.A.Huss

~Review~ by ❤ Mary ❤


Mr. Perfect (Mister #1) by J.A. Huss

****4 Stars****


Ellie is a beautiful woman, with a great job and very successfully at what she does. She loves her job, but after seven years, she wants something more. She is also very delusional, sending delusional messages to her her boss, with a house, baby faces, and dogs.

So…when she decides to give her two-week notices, a new boss arrives at the company. Hot sexy boss. But after their meeting, she will not go away as easy as she thought. 

Mac is the new boss. Hot as fuck, rich and with a secret from the past. Mac was charming from the moment we meet him. His confident, dominant, demanding and has a dirty, filthy mouth.

Their chemistry between them is off the charts. I love their first encounter. Hot damn. Mac is a demanding man, and I love that too. They try to fight the attraction between them, but with no chance. I enjoyed very much that the story was told in dual POV.

black and white impassioned gif

The sex scenes between against the wall, sex on the desk, sex in the bathroom..fucking HOT HOT HOT

Imagini pentru office sexy couples   Imagini pentru office sexy couples

What I didn’t enjoy was Ellie. I wanted to slap her senseless for her delusional messages (what normal people does that?) and for the reason, she got mad at Mac. He didn’t even know her, he just met her. Of course when a guy meets a sexy chick, wants to fuck her, let’s be real. So why she got mad? I don’t understand.

Anyway….every time I will think at the tampon, I will die laughing.

So…above all, I liked this book and …can’t wait to read the next one.




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~Review~ Naughty Boss by Whitney G.

~Review~ by ❤ Mary ❤


Naughty Boss by Whitney G.

*****5 STARS***** 


This book made my day. Was all I need’it. Short, funny and super hot.

Imagini pentru office sex couples

Mya got her dream job, as an executive assistant. But as much as she loves her job, as much she hates her boss, who is making her life a living hell. So…to help her pass her day better, she talks to her bestie every day via email, unburdening to her the awful things that her boss makes to her. 

Imagine similară     Imagini pentru office sex couples

Michael,  the naughty boss is a playboy, sexy as fuck, demanding and dominant asshole. And Mya although she hates him, she is more and more attracted to him. She dreams naughty things about him.

In the most awful day of hers, she accidentally sends her email to her boss, instead of her friend.He definitely wasn’t supposed to get that email…

This book was so much fun. I loved their cat and dog game.



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