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~Review ~ Helping Hand by Jay Northcote

~Review by ~Jan~


Helping Hand (Housemates #1)by Jay Northcote

**** 4 Stars****


What a little gem! Uncomplicated, additive and freaking hot.

I am a fan of animated movies but even if I wasn’t I would have to get over it, because, my kids. You must be thinking where is this weirdo going with it? Well, Shrek. It came to my mind several times whilst reading this.

That masochist thrill of thinking that something major is about to happen at any time kept me on edge and holding my breath for almost forever!

I felt like Donkey

And oh boy, I loved that!

Everything started when these two very horny friends were left behind
by they mates on a Friday night because they need to study. Homework’s out of the way, Jez and Mac decided to watch some porn together. Look at that smile!


The two “we are not gays” boys moved to the bedroom and picked a video of a girl getting some.

The experience was very * ahem * successful and Jez and Mac decided that they would do it again.


So again they did and at some point, in this weekly basis jerking off entertainment, they started to be aware of each other and… couldn’t resist sneaking the occasion look sideways lusting after each other tools.emoticon-mocking-with-tongue-out


The porn movie? * snort * forget it! Because the boys just did. Watching each other getting off was much more fascinating.



Soon, both guys stopped pretending they were watching the videos.


Are we there yet? Nope! They were just watching each other get off and they kept that way for a while.

At the next jerking off meeting… Are we there yet? Not just yet.

At the next jerking off meeting, helping hands had been introduced. Oh my… Bless the author’s heart!

It was so freaking hot each time these boys got together!


Are we there yet? No!!! Not quite, but the guys were getting bold. The next meeting came and we had in action mouth and tongue.

read lots of * sucking, please *                 AND kisses, if I am not mistaken.


Are we there yet? imageedit_630_5476050332No, there are the fingers meeting still.

Are we there now? Yep! Finally, we get there!!!imageedit_541_8771612565

Phew!Such a dreamy and blissful torture!This was seriously HOT! imageedit_651_4548955824

Highly recommended as a quick, light and hot read!

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