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Switched by N.R. Walker


~Review by ~Wendy~


Switched by N.R. Walker

****4 Stars****

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I always love a good “best friends to lovers” story and this was a great one !! But this book was so much more than a love-story.


Israel is 26 year old man, working for his father’s company.That, however, does not mean that his relationship with his father is a good one. The opposite is actually true. Israel has always been rejected by his parents in one way or another. They didn’t really raise him, the nanny’s did that.

They didn’t show him any kind of love and his father made it very clear that Israel is a disappointment to him.

The only one who has been there for Israel, ever since he was 13 years old, is Sam. Sam has always been Israel’s rock and when Israel’s world turns upside down…Sam is right there to catch him and stand by his side.

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When Israel finds out he was switched at birth, Sam helps him with all the emotions he’s struggling with. Israel is such a mess. He doesn’t know how to feel. Relieved, because he never felt part of his family, scared, because he doesn’t want his birth mother to reject him as well, or alone because maybe now he doesn’t belong anywhere. Most of what he feels, though, is anger. Anger towards his father, for treating him the way he did.

Even though we only get Israel’s pov, it was quite clear that Sam had feelings for Israel, that went beyond friendship. This is a very slow burn, so it takes some time for Israel to look into Sam’s eyes and see the truth that’s hidden there. But once everything is out in the open, it’s all so good and so sweet.


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I absolutely loved this story.Both MC’s were amazing.Did I mention the hotness yet?Damn these boys were hot together !! I also loved the ending, to me that ending was perfect !!



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