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~Review~ Nachos & Hash by Brandon Witt





Nachos & Hash (Mary’s Boys #1) by Brandon Witt

****4 Stars****


This is the first book I’ve read by this Author and I really enjoyed it.

Cody is 21, has recently moved to Denver and is now working at Hamburger Mary’s, a gay-friendly restaurant/bar.He’s left behind his life living in a trailer park in Kansas with parents he didn’t have much of a life with.He’s in a pretty good place in his life, a job he loves and working with some great people…..he finally feels part of a family.

Darwin is 24, has nearly everything he wants in life, a good job, a nice home the only thing missing is someone to share it with.He’s tired of dating men from dating sites and wants a relationship.He’s on a date one night with a man he’s not interested in when he meets Cody.He feels a connection straight away with the cute server.


Cody can’t believe someone like Darwin would be interested in him and puts their first encounter down to a hookup but Darwin has other ideas.
These two men were just so cute together….I mean really adorable.But Cody is very insecure and when his past life collides with his present life things take quite a dark turn.

For a novella, the characters are extremely well developed and engaging.From the two main characters to the staff at Mary’s, girlfriends(who are just fabulous).All of this makes this a really enjoyable, sexy read.

A recommended read.This is set to be a great series and I can’t wait for the sexy Bartender’s story next…

An ARC was provided to me by the Author in exchange for an honest review.


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~Review~ The Alpha King by Victoria Sue



flamingtext__24911581362370584The Alpha King by Victoria Sue

****4 Stars****

I love shifter books, but I don’t read a lot of mpreg.

This is because most of the ones I did read (or started), were a big disappointment to me.  This book, however, I really enjoyed. The world-building and character development were very nicely done. I also really liked this author writing style. And even though I like my smut, this book wasn’t one big sex fest, it had content and a great storyline. It did have knotting , though….just so you know.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor knotting wolves

Luca is the Alpha-heir and he has reached the age (25) to choose his Omega.

During the Choosing ceremony, he has to choose one of the Omega’s that are presented, to mate with. This will give him Alpha status and his powers. Problem is, that none of the Omega’s presented interest him. Like all werewolves, Luca is bi-sexual, but he prefers men. There are only two male Omega’s and they will probably be picked by the other Alpha. Doesn’t really matter anyway, because even the male Omega’s don’t hold his attention.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor well this sucks + gif

Luca knows he has to pick one because if he doesn’t he won’t reach his Alpha status and he won’t be able to make the changes he desperately wants to make. Everything changes, though, when he catches the eyes of a human servant, who is about to be beaten. His whole world stops and he has only one thing on his mind…

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor mine + gif

I really loved Luca and Kit together…

Though I have to say, that Luca made some dumbass mistakes. I forgave him (after he groveled), because well….It’s not every day that you become an Alpha King. Thankfully we also have Kit and he was really an amazing character. He was so strong and so loving.

The mpreg part was done very nicely, it was weird…but in a good way. 😛

A lot of things happen in this story and I could say so much more…but I won’t. I think that if you enjoy a good shifter story and you don’t mind the mpreg, then you should just give it a go yourself. I myself would love another book about Sam and Asher, who were awesome side characters in this book !!

Also a big”thank you” to Susan, who always recs the best books to me.


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~Review~ The Last Thing He Needs by J.H. Knight




The Last Thing He Needs, by J.H. Knight

****4 Stars****

I was a bit nervous about reading this book because the reviews were so mixed. But my good friend Karlijn said she really liked it and advised me to just give it a go, and since I always listen to my friends…that’s what I did. I’m really glad I listened because I loved it!

Tommy O’Shea is 22 years old and his life is so freaking hard. His father and step-mom are selfish druggies/addicts, who don’t give a shit about their kids. They disappear for long periods of time and when they do come back, they turn everything to shit.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor it's a hard knock life + gif

So basically Tommy is raising his 7 siblings, who range from 0 to 17 old, by himself. He is trying his hardest to take care of his family and to provide for their needs so the kids won’t end up in the foster care system. The last time that happened was a disaster and Tommy has promised them he won’t let it happen again. He works his ass off trying to make ends meet, but it isn’t easy, even when the other kids try to help out where they can. Every day is a struggle.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor who says life is fair + gif

Then there is Bobby. Bobby is a rookie cop who has been to the O’Shea house many times on disturbance calls. They know each other from high school, though they weren’t friends back then. Bobby is looking to change this however and he comes over to the house more and more. Slowly they start building a friendship, which eventually leads to so much more.

But Tommy doesn’t let people in very easily. He has some trust issues and he thinks of himself as less worthy. Thankfully, Bobby is not one to just give up and he has no problems fighting for Tommy and the kids.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor I'm not giving up on you + gif

Tommy and Bobby’s relationship was not an easy one, but it was a beautiful one. These two men were really amazing together.Afbeeldingsresultaat voor gay men kissing + gif

I also want to give some extra credit to  Bobby’s mom. She was a wonderful character !!

“The bitch,” Bobby said sarcastically. “The nerve of the woman. Going in and bringing cake—there was cake, right?” When Tommy nodded, Bobby went on. “That is some messed-up devil-woman shit. Thinking she can slide in under your radar like that! That’s right out of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Maybe she’ll try to cook them next!”


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~Review~ The Mutt: An Order Short Story by Kasia Bacon




The Mutt: An Order Short Story by Kasia Bacon

****4 Stars****

This sexy short story introduces us to the world of elves

…and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like elves ?? This little gem is an introduction to new series this author is writing. “The Elven Vice” will be the first novel about Evryn and Lochan.

The books open in some kind of training facility for elves. It is entirely written in the voice of Evryn, the only fair-haired Dark Elf in the Highlands. He is also an archer, so guess who he made me think of. 😉

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor legolas + gif

A new elf has just arrived at the training facility..and not just any kind of elf. Lochan is a half-breed, part human and part elvish. In other words…a Mutt.

Evryn is smitten right from the start and he has only one thing on his mind….making Lochan his.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor I want you so much

Evryn tries his very best to get Lochan’s attention….I liked Evryn’s character, he was very bold. 😛

Lochan didn’t stand a chance at rejecting him. 😉

I really liked the writing style of this author and as far as introductions go, this was pretty good. I was actually very surprised by the steam level and the humor in this book….and hey…there is even some Elvish!!!!

Masturbar tu-ehr uncäil assi iré” Have you just told him to go wank his uncle’s donkey ?

I’m very curious to see where this story is gonna go, it definitely captured my attention. It was very short though and it felt unfinished (which I guess it is because it’s an introduction).So as far character- and world building, there wasn’t much. Hopefully, this will be different with the full novel.

I love elves, so I will surely give the upcoming novel a try.


A copy was generously provided by the author to DirtyBooksObession in exchange for an honest review.

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~Review~ Thanos by Ella Frank



Thanos (Masters Among Monsters #3) by Ella Frank

*****4.5 Stars*****


“Gods and their Monsters, battling it out until the very end”

I’ve been waiting(not so patiently) for this one for about a year and it definitely didn’t disappoint.It normally takes me about 3 days to read a book and I read this in 24 hours, once I started I couldn’t put it down.

Ella Frank has created a truly captivating world of Vampires, Gods, and Demigods here.The writing and storytelling are suberb.I’m not even going to attempt to go into the story because I really couldn’t do it justice.If you’ve read and enjoyed Alasdair and Isadora this is a must read.
It’s so much more than just the story of Thanos as we get more of the other characters stories.It’s told from multiple pov’s which might not appeal to everyone but, really, it’s the only way this story could be told.


The story of three, seemingly, ordinary men-Leo, Paris, and Elias who find their lives turned upside down when they are drawn into a completely different world.They find themselves battling with what the Gods have planned for them and what they want.The characters are fascinating, each playing an important role in the story.

My favorites are definitely Leo, Alasdair, and Vasilios.The chemistry between them is seriously hot.The sex scenes are not full on explicit but, my god, the sexual tension more than makes up for it.I’ve read some good PNR series but this is definitely my favorite one to date.

Would I recommend this series?…Most definitely.I would say for anyone undecided try Alasdair and if you enjoy that I’m sure you’ll be hooked on this series.


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~Review~ Isadora by Ella Frank



Isadora (Masters Among Monsters #2) by Ella Frank

*****5 Stars*****


Sexy Vampires, Greek Mythology, M/M/M, M/F, F/F and a bit of voyeurism..Hell Yes!!

Well, I loved Alasdair but I think I enjoyed this even more.This series has the perfect mix…a PNR story that’s gripping and easy to follow and it’s so erotic, the sexual tension is so hot!


This one picks up straight where book 1 ended. It’s, obviously, Isadora’s story but for fans of hot m/m action don’t worry because we get a LOT more of Alasdair, Leo, and Vasilios.
So, Isadora’s story was not what I was expecting.The Author has created a truly captivating world here.It’s fascinating to read about the relationships between the Ancients and their first sired.

Isadora and Diomedes…..they had such a beautiful connection and their back story, while a bit difficult to read, was captivating.
We also get to find out about the connection between her and Elias.I started not liking him very much but was definitely converted by the end.

Like I said there is a lot more of Alasdair, Leo, and Vasilios ….and, my God, these guys are seriously sexy together.

(Yes, I had to use a True Blood gif…..Eric can certainly sex it up!! 😀 )

The story is told from multiple POV’S and I noticed a few people didn’t like this but it TOTALLY worked for me, I just loved getting into the minds of these amazing characters.Oh,and,I’ve got a new favorite character….the delicious Paris!!
I cannot wait for the next one.

I don’t read loads of PNR but do enjoy them and this is definitely becoming one of my favorites.
I think if you’ve read and enjoyed Alasdair, this is a must read….


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~Review~ Alasdair by Ella Frank




Alasdair (Masters Among Monsters #1) by Ella Frank

*****5 Stars*****


Absolutely loved this!! Sexy, Greek Vampires…yes, please!!

I saw a friend’s review for this and when I saw it was Ella Frank and M/M I was sold !!!!

There have been a few PNR series I’ve read and enjoyed but the thing that puts me off them is that I find it takes a while to get into them.There always seems to be so much information, scene setting and a lot of characters thrown at you.I’m happy to say that’s not the case here.I was hooked straight away with this one.

Alasdair is an extremely powerful vampire, second only to Vasilios.One night he spots a human, Leo, although he can’t understand why he is drawn to him.He watches him for 2 weeks before making his move to feed from him
Something happens that he wasn’t prepared for and at a loss to understand it he takes Leo captive…

Leo sees himself as an ordinary young man and finds himself thrown into a completely alien world.But despite his fear and uncertainty at what is happening he can’t help but be fascinated by Alasdair.
The story is captivating as we come to question is Leo all he seems??

I’ve noticed a few people have commented on the lack of romance in this.To be honest, it didn’t bother me, in fact, I think a romantic element at this stage wouldn’t have worked here.What I will say is that it’s extremely erotic.Surprisingly, for this Author, the full on sex scenes are sparse.But I found the sexual tension off the charts hot!! I’m normally all about lots of well-written sex scenes in my books but sometimes the sexual tension can be hotter than descriptive sex and that certainly was the case here.

I just absolutely loved everything about this book!


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~Review~ Off Base by Annabeth Albert



Off Base (Out of Uniform #1) by Annabeth Albert

****3.5 Stars****


I didn’t realize, more likely I had forgotten, this was a spin off when I started it, but quickly remembered Zack from the hospital with Ryan and Pike as being Josiah’s best friend in the last book of the #gaymers series. I absolutely loved Josiah and Ryan, by far my favorite in that series, so it was a treat to see them again.

This book wasn’t as big of a hit for me, while I liked it, it felt like something was being held back and it was just scratching the surface of these characters. I guess that special something that makes me fall in love with a book just wasn’t there.

Pike easily won me over quickly, I loved his honesty, vivid personality and how comfortable he was in his own skin even while he was trying to make the transition into becoming an adult. Which quite honestly was what this book felt like to me, they may have been 23ish but this was a story about moving across that divide between dependent and independent, it had an NA feel.

Zack was a bit trickier because while he had accomplished becoming a Navy SEAL, he was still so unsure of who he was and was lying to everyone, but mostly to himself. I loved watching him get pushed out of his comfort zone but could have done with less of his seemingly endless inner dialogue and no action…super big pet peeve of mine.

I’m easily swayed by first times….from the kissing …

 … to the steamy shower scenes,

all the cuddling added up to one thing…


… this couple had great sexual chemistry…and virgin sex is always a treat, especially when it well played out.

The military support in this book was phenomenal, I truly hope everyone who is harassed in uniform finds this level of support. I have no words for the horrible actions of Cobb and Harper, however, I t was awesome watching Cobb crumble when the tables turned, but Harper seemed to skate by. I was so pleased by his military family and brotherhood that surrounded Zack when he finally let them in.

I’m anxiously awaiting Apollo’s story, not only an age gap but an in-house child care provider too…excited about this one!!


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~Review~ Tattoos & Teacups by Anna Martin



Tattoos & Teacups (Tattoos #1) by Anna Martin

****4 Stars****


Tattoos and Teacups is a very sweet story about the power of opposites attracting and choosing not to settle for the life you have, but deciding to take some risks and hopefully living the life you want.

Robert is a 32yr old English literature professor, (not to be confused with Gerard Butler his much older doppelgänger, even if they are both Scottish heartthrobs) who has settled into the life of a much older man and is completely comfortable in his regimented days. He has accepted the fact that he will never find love if that is in fact, a real thing. He prides himself on his professional life and the accomplishments he’s earned, even if he may be lonely.

Chris is a beautifully alive 23yr old percussionist, not simply a drummer, who is confident and self-assured. Chris finds himself in Boston, on a short month or two breaks from a cross-country van tour with his band, recharging before continuing on out West.

They have a chance meeting in one of Robert’s favorite pubs, where he has had a few too many pints and his Scottish accent has gotten noticeably thicker…Chris can’t help but mistake him for the dreaded Butler. Robert doubts he has anything to offer the gorgeous younger man, can’t possibly believe he would ever be interested in the older professor, but Robert decides to take a chance and uses the number Chris left for him.
My good friend J said it best, it was like being a fly on the wall watching this couple fall in love…and as unlikely a pair as they were…fall they did.


It was a bit quick, but sometimes love happens quickly, it felt genuine. The real story here was what happens next. Life comes calling and tough choices have to be made. Sometimes when you love someone you have to put yourself aside, then figure out what comes next for you.
I was surprised more than once whilst reading this, which is always a treat.
This couple shows real vulnerability coupled with all the hot and steamy sex, you get the full view of who they are.
All in all a good, low angst enjoyable read.


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~Review~ Guns n’ Boys: Chokehold by K.A. Merikan




Guns n’ Boys: Chokehold (Guns n’ Boys #5)

*****5 Stars*****


Loved it.I think this is my favorite book in the series so far, I can’t get enough of Dom and Seth.
This one sees Dom, Seth, and Mark finally crossing the border into Mexico but as usual, things don’t go smoothly.

Dom finds himself in a situation he hates…..not being in complete control.


As a result, Seth finds himself having to step up.


As they both battle to do what they think is right there are lies and secrets which cause a huge divide between them.
It’s no secret that I find Dom’s jealousy over Seth insanely hot and this book is no exception.
These two are just so deliciously hot together, even when they’re fighting you can feel the sexual tension..(bottle of water scene with Seth….I think I have that on repeat in my head)

Have to mention Mark …

… who they have kind of unofficially adopted…I love that boy.I especially liked his interaction with Dom here….I would love for him to have his own book in the future.

It’s difficult to go into the story in depth without spoilers but for fans of this series, this will definitely not disappointed.

I’ve read tons of M/M books and series but these two and this series are still unquestionably my favorite.

ARC of Guns n’ Boys: Chokehold was generously provided by the authors, in exchange for an honest review.


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