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~Review~ Ribbons and Frills by Claire Davis & Al Stewart


~Review by ~Judith~


Ribbons and Frills by Claire Davis & Al Stewart

*****5 Stars*****


I’ve just recently discovered these two Authors and from what I’ve read they can do no wrong.I absolutely love their style of writing, they completely draw you in with their stories and characters even when the books are on the short side.

Gary works in a struggling costume factory and spends his time making his own designs at home.Ashley is the owner’s son and for one brief summer, the two men had a passionate fling only for Gary to be left devastated when Ashley left for college at the end of the summer.



A year later Ashley turns up at the factory, having been put in charge by his father.He has some grand ideas to save the factory from going under and wants to enter it in a competition in London.This was British humor at its best, especially involving Clive who is quite horrified at the whole idea.

“Blokes? They’re dresses and silly skirts for blokes?”


Gary tries so hard not to feel the pull to Ashley again….too no avail and they’re soon getting down and dirty.The sex was just delicious and filthy but the two men were also so damn cute together.

This was the perfect read for me.Sexy, sweet, so funny at times and with some great secondary characters.

Highly Recommended!


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