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~Review~ Jumping Jude by Lucy Lennox


~Review by ~Wendy~


Jumping Jude (Made Marian #3) by Lucy Lennox

****3.5 Stars****

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This is the third book in this series and I enjoyed it more than book 2, though not as much as book 1, which is still my favorite.

Jude is a famous country singer and he has been deep in the closet for his whole life. His last relationship was 6 years ago and he has been celibate ever since because he’s too afraid someone will out him….being famous and all. The only one who knows that he’s gay is his brother Blue and his ex-boyfriend. Jude is also very lonely.

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When Derek enters Jude’s life as his new bodyguard, things get even harder.

What Jude doesn’t know is that Derek is also gay and he’s hiding even deeper in the closet than Jude.



A sudden threat from Jude’s ex-boyfriend makes things very clear between the two of them and they start jumping each other’s bones….in secret of course. These two were very hot together.

After a while, though, Jude doesn’t want to hide anymore. He knows his family will stand by him and he just wants to be himself. Problem is…Derek is not ready to leave the safety of his closet.

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Derek pissed me off a bit. He was ready to let the love of his life go because he didn’t want to upset his family. I would have understood his reasoning better if he would have been close with his family…but he wasn’t. The only person who actually gave a shit about Derek was Jude. So yeah…


I enjoyed this story, but for me, book 1 was still better. It dragged a bit in the second half and it wasn’t as funny as book 1. I’m very curious to see who’s book will be next.


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