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~Review~ Memorizing You by Dan Skinner


~Review by ~Jan~


Memorizing You by Dan Skinner

*****5 Stars*****


This is definitely going to be depressing and perhaps your better off not reading this, but still, I need to get this out of my chest.
I feel heartbroken.
After witnessing the blossoming of such a beautiful relationship between David and Ryan, it was very difficult watching David settle for a “nice” relationship with another guy. Actually, it tore me apart. I felt like the “easy going, no drama, thoughtful in bed, affectionate and an invaluable influence in classical music” for many years were a poor replacement for what he had with Ryan. And that made me feel so sad.

And then there were the empty years, without anyone to love David the way he deserved or someone to be loved by David.
As the story progressed with his memories the bigger the knot was in my throat.
We are all different. We happen to see and read the same book in very different ways. I know this story was so much more than that but all I can think is how sad the last few years spanned in the story were. How empty and lonely David’s life was even when surrounded by his friends and family. It was a black and white life without color and sparkle, just years passing by.

The fact that David had no chance to let that beautiful love run its course even if it were to fail in the end, made me feel suffocated and anguished. There was no chance to get closure. This was the most painful unfinished business ever. I just need to find a way to let this go now because the bloody knot still sitting on my throat.


An extremely emotional story, adorable characters and brilliant writing.



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