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~Review~Borrowing Blue by Lucy Lennox



~Review by ~Wendy~


Borrowing Blue (Made Marian#1) by Lucy Lennox

****4 Stars****

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I enjoyed this story way more than I expected. It was funny, sweet, uncomplicated, steamy and at times a bit cheesy. It has some angst, but not much and most of that angst is caused by other characters. It wasn’t a very deep storyline and not a whole lot happens, yet I didn’t get bored. It just made me feel really good.

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Blue and Tristan meet when Bleu is sitting at a bar at the Vinyard, where his sister will be marrying in a week. When Blue’s ex walks in with his new boy toy, Bue isn’t really happy, especially and it shows. Feeling a bit drunk and insecure, he ends up spilling the whole story to Tristan who is sitting next to him. Tristan figures they Afbeeldingsresultaat voor it started with a kiss + gifshould give Blue’s ex a nice show to watch.


And so it begins…..with a kiss…


Blue feels overwhelmed. Tristan is good-looking, sweet, funny, an amazing kisser and very straight…

Turns out Tristan is not as straight as Blue thought he was because they end the night together in bed..getting it on.Afbeeldingsresultaat voor let's get it on + gif

The next morning, however, thing get a bit more complicated when they find out Blue’s sister Simone is marrying Tristan’s homophobic brother John. Tristan loves shocking his stuck up family, though, so they decide to continue their relationship for the coming (wedding) week

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The week that follows is filled with crazy family members, secrets that come out, douchebag exes, awesome steam and a lovely dog that’s loyal to the bone..



I really enjoyed this story and I can’t wait to jump into the next one. I hope it will be just as entertaining…



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~Review~ Walking Wounded: A Novel by Lauren Gilley


~Review by ~Jan~


Walking Wounded: A Novel by Lauren Gilley

*****4.75 Stars*****


The last time I read a Lauren Gilley book I ended up writing only 2 lines about it. Not because I didn’t like it, actually it was the opposite. I liked it too much. One of the best books I’ve read in 2016. It went to my 6 Stars shelf. I just felt that whatever I would write wouldn’t make justice to the amazing story Fearless was.

Here I am again. Tongue tied, overwhelmed and a bit tearful. But I need to make an effort this time because this book deserves it.

This is a best friend to lovers about…

Luke, a writer …and, Hal, senator Maddox’s security man.fanning myself


But that is not all. There is another story. A story inside this story that is being told by a secondary character as the story progresses.

“A book about the bravery of ordinary people, and the wounds they carry.”

As soon as I realized that I went like Pffttt!!! Should I skim the story in this story and get to the point? I know… shame on me but give me some slack. I am in an end of the year accelerated mode and trying to rush even my reading. How sad is that???
Off course, I couldn’t do that. Because Lauren Gilley. Because I knew from Fearless how brilliant she is as a storyteller and I had to slow the fuck down and read every single word.
I really don’t know what to say about this to make it justice. So many feels. I just
want to register that both stories found a way to sneak in my heart, tie a string there and play with my emotions.

But it was such a good feeling. There is so much depth and warmth in Lauren Gilley’s writing.


For the lovers of steamy reads, the first kiss happens at 62%. Talk about the slow burn. But you should take a chance. Remember Wolfsong?

Walking Wounded: A Novel is a soulful and heartfelt story. It made me wonder about decisions, timing, fear of taking risks, if’s, choices and consequences. I am not sure why but it also made me wonder countless times if I have taken all the opportunities life threw my way. Yes, no, maybe? I have a feeling that I didn’t. As you can see I don’t know a lot of things. But I know one or two things for sure:
.) time goes by and
.)sometimes we take life for granted.

Absolutely loved this story!




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~Review~ Memorizing You by Dan Skinner


~Review by ~Jan~


Memorizing You by Dan Skinner

*****5 Stars*****


This is definitely going to be depressing and perhaps your better off not reading this, but still, I need to get this out of my chest.
I feel heartbroken.
After witnessing the blossoming of such a beautiful relationship between David and Ryan, it was very difficult watching David settle for a “nice” relationship with another guy. Actually, it tore me apart. I felt like the “easy going, no drama, thoughtful in bed, affectionate and an invaluable influence in classical music” for many years were a poor replacement for what he had with Ryan. And that made me feel so sad.

And then there were the empty years, without anyone to love David the way he deserved or someone to be loved by David.
As the story progressed with his memories the bigger the knot was in my throat.
We are all different. We happen to see and read the same book in very different ways. I know this story was so much more than that but all I can think is how sad the last few years spanned in the story were. How empty and lonely David’s life was even when surrounded by his friends and family. It was a black and white life without color and sparkle, just years passing by.

The fact that David had no chance to let that beautiful love run its course even if it were to fail in the end, made me feel suffocated and anguished. There was no chance to get closure. This was the most painful unfinished business ever. I just need to find a way to let this go now because the bloody knot still sitting on my throat.


An extremely emotional story, adorable characters and brilliant writing.



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~Review ~ Leo Loves Aries by Anyta Sunday


~Review by ~Wendy~


Leo Loves Aries by Anyta Sunday(Signs of Love #1)

****4 Stars****

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This was a very cute “friends to lovers” story, that was low on angst and high on the “feel good” moments.

Theo and Leone are twins under the sign of the lion living together. Now normally, I would say that a horoscope sign isn’t very important info to have about a character, but in this case…it really is 😛

This twin Leo’s are still trying to get over the hurt, of their exes running off together.

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Yep, you heard me right. Theo’s girlfriend Sam and Leone’s boyfriend Derek ran off together !! And that’s not all folks. No…they also have the fucking nerve to invite the twins to their upcoming wedding. What a bunch of assholes !! Maybe they weren’t malicious about it, and I understand they didn’t fall in love on purpose, but still…have some fucking respect !!


Theo and Leone don’t want them to know how hurt they still are, so they make a pact. They will go to this wedding and they will find each other dates !!

Which brings us to Mr. Jamie Cooper, Aries and Theo’s former Econ tutor.

The three of them form an instant connection and Jamie even becomes their new roommate.

Theo and Jamie were so funny together. I loved their banter and so did Theo. He figures Jamie is an outstanding guy and therefore, the perfect man for his sister. Damn but Theo was clueless……

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I loved him, though…he was so sweet and cute and he was trying to be a good friend and brother. So it takes some time for him to get with the program, but no worries, eventually he gets there !!     Afbeeldingsresultaat voor aries + leo

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There were so many things in this book that I loved. I loved Theo’s “Quote of the day and I swooned when I learned the meaning of Jamie’s  JLM t-shirt. Theo’s mom and her horoscopes were also very entertaining.

I also want to give some extra credit to Leone. She was such a strong and wonderful heroine…very refreshing !!!



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