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~Review~ Bad Judgment by Sidney Bell


~Review by ~Judith~


Bad Judgment by Sidney Bell

****4 Stars****


This one surprised me in a good way.Hot men in suits getting down and dirty imageedit_541_8771612565and a good plot.

Embry Ford was a quiet, ordinary guy—until tragedy ripped his life apart. Now he’s living under the radar, desperate to hide his identity and determined to learn the truth behind what happened. Even if that means working for—and bedding—a man he loathes.

As a bodyguard to a shadowy arms dealer, Brogan Smith knows distractions can kill as easily as a bullet. But when he sets his eyes on his client’s sexy assistant, he can’t get him out of his mind. Even more unnerving: the closer he gets to Embry, the more Brogan starts to suspect he might be protecting the wrong man.

Embry was sure nothing but vengeance would satisfy him—until Brogan offers him something far more tempting. Now Embry must choose: punish the people who nearly destroyed him or fight for a future with the man who has become his entire world.

This one was definitely my thing.Angst,Hot sex,and a great plot.imageedit_706_5216758385

Brogan is ex Military now working as a bodyguard to a truly despicable character,Joel.This is where he meets Embry who works for Joel.As soon as Brogan sees Embry he’s completely captivated.emoticon-of-heart-stabbed-with-an-arrow-for-facebook-commentsBut Embry has a plan and he’s not about to let a sexy bodyguard get in his way.While Embry is determined to keep Brogan at a distance,Brogan is just as determined to get as close as possible to Embry.

But Brogan soon begins to realize that Embry is hiding something and sets about trying to uncover his past.
Told in three parts Brogan/Embry/Brogan,it’s not until part two that Embry’s secrets are revealed.

The mystery element was extremely well done and definitely held my attention.And these men were HOT together,but ( warning-sign be warned ) it’s not a fluffy story at all.

Highly Recommended!


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