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~Review~ Bitter Legacy By Dal Maclean


~Review by ~Simone~


Bitter Legacy By Dal Maclean



First of all, if there is one thing I hate in my books it would be cheating. I could instantly name you two quite popular series I will probably never read because of this fact alone. So you can imagine that I was more than just a little bit torn about reading this book. I have read other reviews that mentioned exactly this would happen here, but two of my close friends were absolutely thrilled and I resolved –although a bit reluctantly at first- to give it a go since there is always the option to give up.

Hahaha, that was a good one, Simone! No way I could have put this book down, once I picked it up.

I was hooked from the beginning imageedit_657_7921361099and absolute determined to pull it through, no matter what. The main reasons were the great writing style for one thing, although I have to admit that at first,I had some issues with the Scottish accent of Jamie’s partner. It took me a while to juggle the strange vowels into the pronunciation I’m used to.36564-big-smile-emoticon-for-facebook

On the other hand, there is Jamie…

Hotshot Detective Sergeant with the London Police Department and on a fast-track promotion to Detective Inspector. He is working on a murder case that is getting more and more complex by the minute and ends by pure chance as Ben’s flatmate while following a lead. I loved Jamie from his first appearance. facebook-comments-emoticon-with-heart-eyesHe is gay, but very unexperienced on this matter and desperately searching for friends outside from work with who he can be himself. He virtually radiates loneliness and his situation leads
to a kind of insta-attraction for Ben I could totally relate to, by the way.

Ben’s description alone made me almost imageedit_541_8771612565drool all over my Kindle.

Jamie fells really hard and fast and initiates a sexual relationship with Ben, although he knows about Ben’s affairs with other men. Of course he hopes for more and quite honestly, who would not? His struggle to make this relationship work was sometimes quite hard to take and needless to say that I was really madred-angry-emoticon-for-facebook at Ben for making Jamie suffer. Ben’s ‘cheating’ was no reason for me to give up on this book, though. For me, cheating requires an established relationship to start with and at no point Ben implies being in a relationship with Jamie.

We only get Jamie’s POV and he simply assumes this being the case. Well, this does not make it any easier and I hated that Jamie got hurt in the process, but somehow from the very beginning I had a feeling that there is more to Ben than he lets on, regarding his personality, but also his feelings for Jamie. It felt as if he wanted to keep Jamie at distance, because his own feelings were too deep and he wants to assure himself that he would be in control over his emotions that way. The only way to accomplish that for him would be to lash out. As I learned towards the end I was right and the reason for his behavior is evoked by and buried deep in his past. Of course that is no excuse, but I could empathize somehow…36564-big-smile-emoticon-for-facebook

As for the case, the murder investigation is just that, an investigation. You get no wild pursuits (okay, maybe except for one) and no overly nail-biting situations, but solid police work with lots of footwork, internet research, interviews of witnesses and so on. Nevertheless, I was a nervous wreck when the case hits very close to home for Jamie and the resolution of the investigation almost wrecked me. I never hated so much being right about a killer and I probably never had so much compassion for one, either. He almost broke my heart…broken-heart-emoticon-for-facebook-comments

What I loved the most about the ending was that Jamie and Ben got a second chance at their love,sparkling-heart-symbol-for-facebook even though it felt more like a solid HFN than a HEA, but still… I hope to see it turn into a HEA someday.

Highly recommended!



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