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~Review~ A Love Letter to Whiskey by Kandi Steiner


~Review by ~Jan~


A Love Letter to Whiskey by Kandi Steiner

*****5 Stars for all the hell it put me through.*****

With over 150 books read in 2016 , A Love Letter to Whiskey is one of my Top 5.

It is funny how a story can pull me totally in, as if what is happening there is my own business, when in fact, it is not. I am only the reader.

I am pointing this out because I’ve read stories where I am totally engrossed by, yet they keep me on my seat, contained and hypnotized, like watching a movie. Open mouth and all, drooling. Some were brilliant, 5 white-star reads.

And then there are the others, where I cross an invisible line and stop being a reader to become a character.
I think and think and I cannot find why or what triggers this magic portal open to me. Normally, when it happens, I put myself in the heroine’s shoes.

This time, I couldn’t.

From the start, I knew it would be a difficult read. I just didn’t realize how much. Before I even reached the middle it escalated for an extra#hard#extra#difficult#ohnoshit level.
I heard when the ring of the alarm bell went on, telling me to get the hell out of the story, but my instincts were deaf.
Don’t take me wrong, I wanted to read it. I just didn’t want to get involved in that freaking horrible mess. I would rather watch it like a movie.

The heroine:

“B” was her name. Geezzzz… I swear I’ve tried to keep it cool but I failed miserably.
B did a number on me!

I shouted at her so many times I lost count of it. She had happiness at her fingertips, MORE.THAN.ONCE. What was she waiting for?! It was like she had a self-punishment button pressed on all the bloody time!

For the life of me, I can’t believe I would have made so many mistakes over and over and over, again. Who wants to be a person who is constantly digging a hole to bury herself? Not me. I became her bestie instead, for my sake!

Up to about 65% in the story, I was only blaming B for this whole fucking mess. Her inability to see what was right in front of her nose was making me lose my marbles. Because come on… Jamie.

I screamed at her: Jamie is your other half!!! Jamie is your soul mate. Jamie IS IT!!!! She didn’t listen. I guess that portal only works in one way.

65% was also the mark where Jamie got on my nerves. He did the unthinkable. I know I have no right, he was moving on, but how could he?!?!megaphone-emoticonwarning-sign (This is spoiler) How can a person consider starting a life with someone, being in love with somebody else? ( spoiler end)]


There wasn’t a single moment in the story I could breathe normally. It was a hold your breath forever kind of story. I felt drained at the end.imageedit_615_5982143454 In fact, the author should pay me a few therapy sessions to bring me back to my placid normal state of mind and put my heart at peace again.36564-big-smile-emoticon-for-facebook

The truth is: the whole book was a building up for a train wreck to happen. I thought it couldn’t get worse, but from there on, about +- 65% it was a ,“oh shit” “no shit” after another.

AT 90% I was choking on my emotions and aching. I felt with both MC’s all the shitty things that were there: guilt, regret, love, lust, desperation, want, need, pain, fear, and loss.

My bestie, B, had once more, a chance to make it right. Did she? You asked me. No, she didn’t. ..  I know, I know… I felt the same.        Let’s just get rid of the body.

I am trying to make it funny here, but it wasn’t funny in the story. The story hurts, it was like poking an open wound with a stick.

One year spanned in a few pages and at 92% in the story, B and Jamie are face to face again. Both broken by too many mistakes. Some ogling… small talk…. and Jamie finally asks:
“ARE YOU HAPPY?” That sentence broke something inside of me. That was the moment this reader couldn’t hold back the tears.

I know I am being vague. And tragic. But it got to me. 
I know my review won’t help anyone but I needed to get this out of my chest.
GR = free online therapy. Besides, I don’t want to spoil this for anyone.
Now, I need some time to get my shit together because although the end was not bad, this story still raw and hurting.

“I think sometimes life I think this story is about embracing what hurts because pain is one of the most vivid emotions we can feel.emoticon-of-heart-stabbed-with-an-arrow-for-facebook-comments Pain reminds us that we are alive, and I’ll always appreciate that stinging reminder.”

What is it in a story that makes you hurt and yet you want to shelve it as a precious bookquestion-mark-emoticon


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