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~Review~ Walking on Thin Ice By Jocelynn Drake


~Reviews by ~Simone~


Walking on thin Ice By Jocelynn Drake


Dear book,

thank you for giving me some early, but much needed holiday feels!imageedit_609_7196460444

I will cut it short:

Great and very enjoyable holiday read – sometimes cute and heart-warming, sometimes sexy – that will put you in just the right mood, with absolutely loveable characters like…

Spenser who doesn’t date…        and Evan who doesn’t do hookups

.:                   Gorgeous; especially is grey eyes!:

You see, just the right premises… imageedit_499_4689356062

Add  some banter, great side characters, a fake-boyfriend trope and a bit hurt/comfort and I’m hooked. I just love my boys with a sometimes mysterious and sad aura… imageedit_645_6875056337

Not to forget the probably most adorable invitation for a date ever!

Loved it!imageedit_679_9261022806 Recommended!

photofacefun_com_1479494818       photofacefun_com_1479494876




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