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~Review~ Walking on Thin Ice By Jocelynn Drake


~Reviews by ~Simone~


Walking on thin Ice By Jocelynn Drake


Dear book,

thank you for giving me some early, but much needed holiday feels!imageedit_609_7196460444

I will cut it short:

Great and very enjoyable holiday read – sometimes cute and heart-warming, sometimes sexy – that will put you in just the right mood, with absolutely loveable characters like…

Spenser who doesn’t date…        and Evan who doesn’t do hookups

.:                   Gorgeous; especially is grey eyes!:

You see, just the right premises… imageedit_499_4689356062

Add  some banter, great side characters, a fake-boyfriend trope and a bit hurt/comfort and I’m hooked. I just love my boys with a sometimes mysterious and sad aura… imageedit_645_6875056337

Not to forget the probably most adorable invitation for a date ever!

Loved it!imageedit_679_9261022806 Recommended!

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~Review~ Womanizer by Katy Evans


~Review by ~Jan~


Womanizer (Manwhore #4)by Katy Evans

***3 Stars***



I liked it but…imageedit_612_6000843156

Womanizer was not what I was expecting after reading the blurb. I thought it would be more Casanova-ish with a Callan living a life of a rake, surrounded by women in all shapes and hair color. Something more in the line of a lady-killer. I wanted him to be a bad boy and do wicked things. However, Callan turned out as a normal guy.unsure-emoticon

Olivia was a nice girl but a bit annoying sometimes with her inner monologs, plus the push and pull.angry-emoticonI also didn’t get that delicious thrill of reading a forbidden story as the blurb, again, led me to think…he was her wicked little secret.

Summing up, Callan was already tamed before the story started, Olivia didn’t know exactly what she wanted and I was left without my angsty story.imageedit_529_7639978777


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