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~Review~Kiss and Ride by Teodora Kostova


~Review by ~Judith~


Kiss and Ride by Teodora Kostova

****4 Stars****



“I wished for someone to spend Christmas with…..I wished for you”

There could be some serious eye rolling going on here about how fast these two men get it on.But just take it for what it is….A lovely,sexy Christmas story.imageedit_499_4689356062

I’m ok with insta lust but not so much with insta love but this was so damn cute that it worked for me.

Vin has come to Rome for his father’s funeral.A father who left him when he was young and has never been there for him.He meets Luca on the day of the funeral and they connect straight away….so much so that Luca goes to the funeral with him and invites Vin to stay with him over Christmas.



If you want a romantic setting,this is definitely it.Rome……one of my favorite places to visit.The Author perfectly described it.clapping-hands-emoticon

Vin and Luca were just so cute together.facebook-comments-emoticon-with-heart-eyesI loved them cooking/having meals together in Luca’s apartment with the Christmas lights in the background.I loved them exploring the city and sightseeing together.
Just enough sexy times and not too long and drawn out,a bit of angst involving their families and the ending was just perfect.

imageedit_26_2115498371Recommended for a quick,heartwarming,sexy Christmas read.imageedit_22_7310722045


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