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~Review~ The Raven King By Nora Sakavic


~Review by ~Simone~


The Raven King (All for the Game, #2)

*****5 Stars*****


Out for revenge!

Just to make it clear: by that I mean myself!

Normally, I’m a peace-loving human being and I’ve read a lot of books that made me angry, but last night I was ready to commit a murder! facebook-emoticon-terrified-with-fearOf a book character! My very first update of the first book in this series said that I already hate the guts of Riko, although I haven’t even met him. And my gut feeling did not deceive me, not in the slightest. Riko is said Raven King, leader of the opposing team of the Foxes, part of the Japanese mafia and connected to Neil’s past. I would have thought to sleep on the matter would calm me down, but just the thought of the things Riko did to Neil at the end of this book gets my blood pressure skyrocketing to a dangerous level…

But books that bring out such strong emotions are simply the best and I experienced the whole range of feelings while reading this one. I laughed about the dry comments of the coach (I simply love this grumpy bastard!) facebook-comments-emoticon-with-heart-eyes36564-big-smile-emoticon-for-facebook I rooted for the team during their games, I was shocked about things that came to light and some situations almost made me cry.

I was so glad when the team finally did act like a team, on and off the court.

It was about time, although something bad had to happen first to open their eyes.facebook-frown-emoticon But I guess with a team made of fucked-up kids whose individual pasts consists of secrets, lies and abuse, trust is something they have got to learn and it is not easily earned, either. Speaking of the past… Parts of Neil’s and Andrew’s past are finally revealed in this book due to half-truths, unwelcome disclosures and those shocking situations I mentioned earlier. The outcome will keep me on the edge of my seat during the next book, I suppose.

In case you expect this…

Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you won’t see it in this book, either. But I can assure you, it would not feel right now. There are things that have to be solved first and I can’t wait to see Andrew when he is off his medication. Only then it would feel real.

One thing is for sure: if I won’t get my revenge in form of Neil and his Foxes taking apart the sick and sadistic asshole named Riko and his Ravens in the next book, you will hear me scream and throwing my Kindle across the room, wherever you are! emoticon-crying-tears-of-joy


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