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~Review~ Grayson by Morgan Campbell


~Review by ~Wendy~


Grayson by Morgan Campbell(Bully Series Book 1)

****3.5 Stars*****


I want to start by saying that this book made me”ugly cry”.crying-smileyNot just a little, but a lot !!!

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I started to read the prolog and “BAMM”, there were tears and snot and it lasted for hours. This book took me through the wringer and I just want to let everyone know that there are some very sensitive subjects in this book and the author didn’t pull any punches.warning-sign

This story is divided into two parts. It starts in the past, 10 years ago, when Grayson is 16 years old. He’s a gay student who’s into arts. He only has 2 friends , nobody really pays him much attention. He has recently started chatting with another gay boy, Logan. He has a wonderful mom and loving aunts and uncles. Life isn’t so bad for Grayson. This is all about to change ,though…..

An art assignment is about to change everything for Grayson. They were assigned to paint someone, that people look up to. Grayson decided to paint someone from his own school, instead of a famous person. He made a painting of “Finn”. The high school quarterback whom everyone admired.

This turns out to be a huge mistake, because of Finn and his cronies, single Grayson out and start bullying him. Every week things get worse and worse for Grayson. It starts with a beating and escalates to extreme violence. It was very hard to read about all this. I cried for 4 hours straight. It comes to a point where everything gets to be too much for Grayson and he starts hurting himself…facebook-emoticon-terrified-with-fear

Eventually, Grayson himself makes an extreme decision, because he just can’t go on like this anymore….

Fast forward 10 years to the present. Grayson has changed his name, he’s a very successful businessman. He has earned his first million at the age of 22 and is the CEO of the major company that he owns. He doesn’t paint anymore and he’s also firmly in the closet. He doesn’t date and he doesn’t do hook-ups. He only indulges himself in sex once a year, at a private sex club.

Finn has recently come out of the closet after his wife caught him with another man. He is now divorced and has a new job that he’s very good at. Even though he still has some guilt about his younger years, he’s pretty happy with his life. That’s when he meets his new boss…..yess you’ve guessed it right….his new boss is Grayson.

Grayson is extremely upset when he realizes his former tormentor is one of his new employees. He wants Finn out, but because of Finn’s contract, this isn’t a possibility. They fight some and damn ..I was so angry with Finn !!red-angry-emoticon-for-facebook He get’s that Grayson is a bit upset with him, but because he doesn’t know the full story about what happened to Grayson, he feels like Grayson is overreacting a bit. He never stopped thinking about Grayson and has always fantasized about him. He himself couldn’t come out, because of his abusive father, so he felt like it was either be the bully or become bullied himself. I hated Finn…part of me still hates Finn.

Now the next part is where the author started to lose me a bit. I will try to explain but most of it is a big spoiler.

megaphone-emoticon(THIS IS SPOILER) warning-sign

(view spoiler)Finn and Grayson have to go on a business trip together, even though Grayson doesn’t want to. I figure if you’re the owner and CEO of a company, of you don’t want to go, you can send someone else….apparently not ! Once on the road, they get into an accident and a snowstorm, which causes them to hide away in one of the houses nearby. This was all a bit OTT to me. Once forced together, they share their secrets and Finn finds out what exactly happened to Grayson. This, of course, causes Finn to have a nervous break-down and Grayson goes out of his way to comfort him. Then there is kissing and feelings and love and it was just all too much way too soon. It just didn’t make any sense to me. I’ve spent 75 % of this book crying over what was done to Finn and now in the last 25%, I’m just gonna have to accept that they love each other and that Grayson just forgives him for the hell he has put him through.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor I can't do thatNO WAY !!!  Not that fast. It’s not that I couldn’t get behind them being together, but for me ,this was a huge case of insta-love. I’m normally not a big fan of insta-love but in this case ,it just didn’t make sense to me. I was still in pain from hours of crying, so I wasn’t as forgiving as Grayson was.(spoiler end)

Grayson’s feelings for Finn start  to grow pretty fast when they are forced to spend time together and Finn even makes him want to start painting again. If he wants a future with Finn he will have to completely let go of the past. He tries to hang on to his hurt (not very hard), but he just can’t. He loves Finn…simple as that.sparkling-heart-symbol-for-facebook

Now he just has to convince his family and friends to also give Finn a chance…

I wish I could be as forgiving as Grayson. I just couldn’t…. Maybe if I read Finn’s story, which is next, I will feel different. Right now, I’m still holding a mean grudge towards Finn. I understand that he didn’t have it easy growing up himself, but that doesn’t excuse his behavior. That would mean that everyone who has a hard life is allowed to be an asshole. I also know that Finn’s friends were the ones taking things too far, but Finn was the culprit, of it all.

I’m so conflicted about this book, that I just don’t know how many stars to rate it. The first 70 % was a 4,5 star read to me because a book that can make me cry like that….wow.
But the last part, it all felt too rushed to me and I would give that part about 3 stars.

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~Review~Kiss and Ride by Teodora Kostova


~Review by ~Judith~


Kiss and Ride by Teodora Kostova

****4 Stars****



“I wished for someone to spend Christmas with…..I wished for you”

There could be some serious eye rolling going on here about how fast these two men get it on.But just take it for what it is….A lovely,sexy Christmas story.imageedit_499_4689356062

I’m ok with insta lust but not so much with insta love but this was so damn cute that it worked for me.

Vin has come to Rome for his father’s funeral.A father who left him when he was young and has never been there for him.He meets Luca on the day of the funeral and they connect straight away….so much so that Luca goes to the funeral with him and invites Vin to stay with him over Christmas.



If you want a romantic setting,this is definitely it.Rome……one of my favorite places to visit.The Author perfectly described it.clapping-hands-emoticon

Vin and Luca were just so cute together.facebook-comments-emoticon-with-heart-eyesI loved them cooking/having meals together in Luca’s apartment with the Christmas lights in the background.I loved them exploring the city and sightseeing together.
Just enough sexy times and not too long and drawn out,a bit of angst involving their families and the ending was just perfect.

imageedit_26_2115498371Recommended for a quick,heartwarming,sexy Christmas read.imageedit_22_7310722045


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~Review~ Walking on Thin Ice by Jocelynn Drake


~Review by ~Wendy~


Walking on Thin Ice by Jocelynn Drake

****4 Stars****

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor 4  stars

I am not a very big fan of Christmas stories. I like Christmas just fine,emoticon-crying-tears-of-joy it’s just that Christmas books, usually just don’t do it for me.

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My dear friend Susan however, told me that this one wasn’t really Christmassy. Since I am such a good friendsemoticon-mocking-with-tongue-out and because this book was written by Jocelynn Drake,sparkling-heart-symbol-for-facebook (one of my favorite authors this year) I decided to give this one a try !!

I’m very pleased that I did. This was a very nice, short, uncomplicated sweet and steamy story. It takes place around Christmas, but that’s not what this story is all about.

This book is about Spenser and Evan. Spenser is a very rich CFO, looking to pick up a one night stand at a gay bar, he doesn’t do relationships. This is where he meets Evan and he is immediately captivated by the man.emoticon-of-heart-stabbed-with-an-arrow-for-facebook-comments

Evan is an artist who is at the bar as a wingman for one of his friends. He’s done with the hook-up scene. He is looking for a man who will still be there in the morning. Even though Evan is looking for more, he can’t help but be interested in the scowling, yet handsome man. So they decide to go for a late night snack together.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor I have a proposal for youSpenser is still not interested in offering more to Evan, but he can’t stop thinking about the man either. Probably, because he is not used to getting turned down. He comes up with the perfect solution. A way to spend more time with Evan and also use him as a buffer against his family.angel-emoticon

He invites Evan to spend the holiday weekend with him and his family, as his “fake” boyfriend. Instead of being offended, Evan is pretty charmed by this proposal. He doesn’t have anyone else to spend the holidays with and since he can’t seem to get Spenser out of his mind…why not.

Gerelateerde afbeeldingThese guys were pretty damn hot, once they got going. We even get some nice dirty talk !!devil-emoticonOf course, Spenser didn’t expect to actually start feeling so much for Evan. But how can he be with Evan, when he is still half in the closet. He doesn’t want to let his family down…but he doesn’t want to give up Evan either.

“I love you, Evan Scott. You…you are my tomorrow”

I really enjoyed this short story. It didn’t have too much drama and the steam was just right. I hope Jocelynn Drake will write many more stories like this clapping-hands-emoticon sparkling-heart-symbol-for-facebook

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~Review~ A Family Man by Sarah Osborne

~Review by ~Jan~


A Family Man(The Freaks MC, #1)by Sarah Osborne

****4 Stars****


A Family Man is a surprising and refreshing story. 

Slightly different from our usual biker book where promiscuity takes place inside Clubhouses giving us lots of smut from it. As a result, it’s low on steam. But it doesn’t really matter because the story line is solid and as real as they come.

A Family Man is told in the 3rd person which I don’t particularly like. However, somehow it worked brilliantly here. I loved the author’s voice, a brilliant story-teller.
On top of that ,the author gives not only a dual POV but POVs from secondary characters and I absolutely loved that. Despite them being short the impact was one of a great kick. It enhanced and brought so much life to the story!

The title gives away the story. Despite being an outlaw Joe ‘Tiny’ Taylor is a man of honor. He takes care of his family, of his brothers and his Club. He is extremely loyal and protective of the ones he loves.

Don’t take me wrong. He is as bad ass as they get, in fact, he is the one who deals with the dirtiest part of the job for his Club. What keeps him grounded in this violent life of his is a little girl called Amy.

A Family Man is an intense book and against all the odds: low in steam, 3rd person and length (I hate long books) turned out as a winner.

I am disappointed with the end ,though. Joe was such a great man but he changed and I didn’t like the person Joe became. Life changed Joe. But life also gave him something back and I felt it as an attempt to bring the old Joe back. It’s a shame that I didn’t believe he could become the old Joe again.


Thoughtful,melancholic and a bit sad is the way I am feeling right now.Without a doubt, a thought-provoking story.

 Available on KU


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~Review~ The King’s Men By Nora Sakavic


~Review by ~Simone~


The King’s Men (All for the Game #3) By Nora Sakavic

*****5 Stars*****


“Stay,” Andrew said and leaned down to kiss him.Time was nothing. Seconds were days, were years, were the breaths that caught between their mouths and the bite of Neil’s fingernails against his palms, the scrape of teeth against his lower lip and the warm slide of a tongue against his. He could feel Andrew’s heartbeat thrumming against his wrists, a staccato rhythm that echoed in Neil’s veins. How a man who viewed the world with such studied disconnect could kiss like this, Neil didn’t know, but he wasn’t going to complain.

The romance between Neil and Andrew is probably the slowest slow burn in the history of slow burns, but I loved every goddamn minute of their – how did Neil call it? – oh, yes, not-relationship! winking-face-facebook-symbol

Oh, God! It is really hard for me to say goodbye to the team, especially to Neil and Andrew, who are so dear to my heartsparkling-heart-symbol-for-facebook and I can tell you without lying that they are still in my head, even if I have finished this book a day ago. Be warned that this will be more of a rambling than a decent review because my feelings are still all over the place.

In my review of The Raven King, I said I was seeking for revenge, revenge for the things Riko did to Neil aaaaand…

I got it! emoticon-crying-tears-of-joyOn the court…

(Thank goodness not this time! Finally – finally! – the team did not only act like a team, it was a team!clapping-hands-emoticon The path was not only rocky, there were holes the size of the whole Foxhole Court, but after being back to square one at the beginning of this book, what they achieved on the court spoke volumes of how far they have come with all their problems and differences.

… but also aside of it. Yes, Andrew! Yes, I heard you saying ‘revenge is a motivator only for the weak-willed’! I’ve said the boys are still in my head, right? 36564-big-smile-emoticon-for-facebookSo let’s say I got justice. At what cost? Phew, for a moment I almost felt bad for Riko. Um, no… scratch that! That would be a lie! But believe me when I say that you don’t want to mess with the mafia!warning-sign

Speaking of the mafia, … In case you haven’t read this book yet: remember the 58% mark! You should stock up on whatever makes you happy because you will need it. That’s when Neil’s past caught up with him and it almost killed me.broken-heart-emoticon-for-facebook-commentsI guess, you know the feeling when you cannot read fast enough to see if everything is going to be okay, but at the same time you dread to turn the page because you are really terrified of what is going to happen next? Yep, this was one of those situations…

If I could marry a book character this would be Coach Wymack.emoticon-crying-tears-of-joy He made me laugh so hard with his sarcasm and his dry comments, but I also loved his way of handling the boys and girls and his devotion to the team, like a mother lion defending her cubs.

But what I loved the most were Andrew and Neil and their character development.


With his sociopathic tendencies, his protective streak of everyone he decided to protect (even if his methods were more than twisted and questionable sometimes), but most of all that he allowed Neil to come near, despite his experiences during his awful childhood.


                                                           And Neil…facebook-comments-emoticon-with-heart-eyes

who refuses to give into anything that threatens to compromise all he ever wanted.

Better than that bright future was what he already had: a court that would always be home, a family who’d never give up on him, and Andrew, who for once hadn’t wasted their time denying that this thing between them might actually mean something to both of them.


This was everything he wanted, everything he needed, and Neil was never letting go.


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~Review~ The Raven King By Nora Sakavic


~Review by ~Simone~


The Raven King (All for the Game, #2)

*****5 Stars*****


Out for revenge!

Just to make it clear: by that I mean myself!

Normally, I’m a peace-loving human being and I’ve read a lot of books that made me angry, but last night I was ready to commit a murder! facebook-emoticon-terrified-with-fearOf a book character! My very first update of the first book in this series said that I already hate the guts of Riko, although I haven’t even met him. And my gut feeling did not deceive me, not in the slightest. Riko is said Raven King, leader of the opposing team of the Foxes, part of the Japanese mafia and connected to Neil’s past. I would have thought to sleep on the matter would calm me down, but just the thought of the things Riko did to Neil at the end of this book gets my blood pressure skyrocketing to a dangerous level…

But books that bring out such strong emotions are simply the best and I experienced the whole range of feelings while reading this one. I laughed about the dry comments of the coach (I simply love this grumpy bastard!) facebook-comments-emoticon-with-heart-eyes36564-big-smile-emoticon-for-facebook I rooted for the team during their games, I was shocked about things that came to light and some situations almost made me cry.

I was so glad when the team finally did act like a team, on and off the court.

It was about time, although something bad had to happen first to open their eyes.facebook-frown-emoticon But I guess with a team made of fucked-up kids whose individual pasts consists of secrets, lies and abuse, trust is something they have got to learn and it is not easily earned, either. Speaking of the past… Parts of Neil’s and Andrew’s past are finally revealed in this book due to half-truths, unwelcome disclosures and those shocking situations I mentioned earlier. The outcome will keep me on the edge of my seat during the next book, I suppose.

In case you expect this…

Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you won’t see it in this book, either. But I can assure you, it would not feel right now. There are things that have to be solved first and I can’t wait to see Andrew when he is off his medication. Only then it would feel real.

One thing is for sure: if I won’t get my revenge in form of Neil and his Foxes taking apart the sick and sadistic asshole named Riko and his Ravens in the next book, you will hear me scream and throwing my Kindle across the room, wherever you are! emoticon-crying-tears-of-joy


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