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~Review~ Wound Tight by Tessa Bailey


~Review by ~Wendy~


Wound Tight (Made in Jersey #4)Tessa Bailey

3,5 Stars, rounded up


First of all, let me start by saying, that I haven’t read the other books in this series so this book can be read as a stand alone, for those who don’t want to read the m/f books.

I enjoyed this one, though there were some things that bothered me a bit.

This story is about Renner, multi-millionaire, boss-man.


He owns multiple factories,  one of them located in “Hook”. He has known he is gay for a long time and doesn’t hide this fact. He’s not a very approachable man and though his employees respect him, they don’t really like him. He seems very harsh and cold, but….I myself really did like the guy.

Enter Milo. He is Renner’s, former military, bodyguard.

He was hired as a security guard to keep the factory safe but has taken it upon himself to keep the boss-man safe as well. Milo is a fun and outgoing man. Everyone does seem to like him. He recently found out that he’s gay and he’s been trying to figure out how to deal with his newly discovered sexuality. Now don’t get me wrong, he isn’t struggling with this fact or anything. He’s just trying to figure out how to be with another man.

He already has a man in mind, he wants to be with…..Travis. He just has no idea what to do, or how to act. He figures he needs help and why not ask the one person who seems so confident in his own skin and who knows what it’s like to be with another man, his very own boss-man Renner.

These two reach a “sort of” mutual agreement and things progress from that point on.

I have to say I was a bit apprehensive, from the moment I found out, that Milo wanted to be with a man other than Renner. I know that most people probably felt a bit of annoyance towards Renner, for his somewhat cold and harsh personality. I,however,felt that annoyance with Milo. If someone wanted me, to help them out, with eventually seducing someone else….I wouldn’t be a happy camper.

Travis himself doesn’t really have a big role in this book, but just the way these two started out, made me a bit nervous. It isn’t my favorite trope.

I also found the push and pull a bit too much. The steam was nice, but it all just took so long and once they were done, they started their pushing all over again….Emoticon with cold sweat

and I don’t mean the good kind of pushing  

This doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the book ,though, because I did and if this author decides to write another one, I will surely read it.

I’m going with 3,5 stars, rounded up  because I really liked Renner’s dirty talk



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