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~Review~Tears of Tess by Pepper Winters

Review by ❤ Mary ❤


Tears of Tess (Monsters in the Dark #1) by Pepper Winters

My Rating 5 Stars out of 5

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Pepper Winters ….and I think I said it all.

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This book was the first dark and dark erotic book that I’ve read. I’m not going to describe the book, the blurb does that pretty well and I don’t want to spoil you the surprises. Anyone who has read this book knows what I’m talking about.

This was an amazing journey, an amazing roller coaster of feelings from all points of view. For me, at that time was the darkest, twisted and rough book. Still is (in my top 3).

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A good book is when you learn something from it. And I learned from this. This stuff really happens in real life. It could be me, you, your daughter, your sisiter…anyone of us. Before this book, women trafficking was a mystery and especially a denial for me. It’s much easier to live in denial. But this book described the reality, how the real world is, that the women trafficking and slavery exists.Monsters and demons in the dark, many tears, dark secrets, suspense, action, pleasure, love and happiness and many more feelings this book contains. But the road to love and happiness is very long and sprinkled with suffering, tears, and pain.

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I think that along with Tess, I grew up too.I admired her strength and her determination. She is a fighter, one of the most stronger heroines.

In suffering and pain, she is capable of discovering herself and finds the power to move on, move further, fight for what she wants and believes, especially for her life and her freedom. But what if her happiness and freedom are in this captivity, in the hell she believes she is? All of this attracts Q.

Q was an amazing character too. All strong, masculine and sexy as a GOD. If he wanted, he could’ve hurt her, destroy even. But he was attracted by her spirit and her strength. 

For me, this book was a LIFE LESSON.



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Hanging The Stars by Rhys Ford


~*~Highly Recommend~*~


Hanging The Stars (Half Moon Bay #2)

Genre ~ Contemporary M/M Romance
Kindle Edition, 220 pages

Highly Recommend


Angel Daniels grew up hard, one step ahead of the law and always looking over his shoulder. A grifter’s son, he’d learned every con and trick in the book but ached for a normal life. Once out on his own, Angel returns to Half Moon Bay where he once found…and then lost…love.

Now, Angel’s life is a frantic mess of schedules and chaos. Between running his bakery and raising his troubled eleven-year-old half-brother, Roman, Angel has a hectic but happy life. Then West Harris returns to Half Moon Bay and threatens to break Angel all over again by taking away the only home he and Rome ever had.

When they were young, Angel taught West how to love and laugh but when Angel moved on, West locked his heart up and threw away the key. Older and hardened, West returns to Half Moon and finds himself face-to-face with the man he’d lost. Now, West is torn between killing Angel or holding him tight.

But rekindling their passionate relationship is jeopardized as someone wants one or both of them dead, and as the terrifying danger mounts, neither man knows if the menace will bring them together or forever tear them apart.



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~Review~Downed(Gridiron #3) by Jen Frederick

~*~Review by ~Kristin~*~

Downed (Gridiron #3) by Jen Frederick

Dual POV ~ This can be read as a stand alone.

 ****4 Stars****

In the third installment of Jen Frederick’s Gridiron series, we find ousted Western State quarterback Ace Anderson has found himself at a new school, Southern U, for his last year of college ball. He finds himself in a place he doesn’t really understand on a team he doesn’t relate to. He is struggling to fit in with his new teammates but he is determined to make the most of his second chance and prove he deserves to play. He is dedicated to football, he has given up his old ways and sworn off women.

Bryant Johnson is a woman on a mission. She is committed to re-training the campus hound dogs, who use and discard girls, turns them into gentlemen who learn how to treat and appreciate ladies. She seeks out a new “project” each semester, hoping to find the root of their behavior and ultimately help them become better people. She has set her sights on Ace.

Ace has no desire to be in any kind of relationship and he has tried to let Bryant down easily, she just smiles and doesn’t seem to accept it. When Ace realizes Bryant is the beloved daughter of his coach and adored by his teammates, he fears he will be ostracized from another team and decides to just play along until he can find a way to let her down without upsetting anyone.

As their time together progresses, they have to decide what is real. Bryant has never developed feeling for any of her projects and Ace had never wanted a relationship. While I found the middle of the book to be a little boring and kind of predictable, I will say I was pleasantly surprised by the turn here. It was a wonderful twist, Ms. Frederick took a different route that had me laughing and smiling while feeling the emotion needed to make this story different.

In the end, it worked and I enjoyed this one and would recommend it.


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