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~Review~Expose (Crash #3) by Drew Jordan

~Review by ❤ Mary ❤~


Expose (Crash #3) by Drew Jordan

***3 Stars***


Well…my impasse is still here. It is the most confused book that I have read ever. And still, mindfuck. I think these two characters are psychopaths and they deserve each other.

I was hoping for another ending. I did not expect that ending and those course of action throughout the entire book. I am still confused. There are too many questions without answers. In the blurb of the book, we are told that in this third book we will find the Conclusion. But NO.We Will not!

Who the f..k is Chelsea?

It was from both protagonists POV. Not from the “stranger”. Who by the way, we still don’t know his name. LAME… The action was lame, the sex lame…

And the ending…The epilog WTF??? I didn’t understand shit.

I’m mentioning that I have read such kind of books, but none of them were like those here. Dark, twisted and mindfuck. But in the end, you would receive all the answers. But not in this books.


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