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Break My Shell by K.A. Merikan

~*~Highly Recommend~*~


Break My Shell by K.A. Merikan

Genre: M/M Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Published December 5th , 2016

Highly Recommend


…He was supposed to never leave prison. And then he was in my bedroom…

Dayton is always on time to work, always organized, always ready to do overtime. The perfect receptionist-waiter-cleaner. The employee of the month. But Dayton has a secret side to him. A kinky, filthy side full of dark and dangerous fantasies that should never see the light of day.

He explores his taste for submission in one way only. For three years, he’s been writing letters about it to Max. Convicted to life in prison for the murder of three men and unlikely to ever be free, Max is the safest outlet for Dayton’s frustrated fantasies.

Only that he does leave prison. He finds Dayton. And he won’t settle for anything less than what he was promised in the letters. Too bad Dayton is nowhere near ready to indulge Max. Or himself for that matter.


Themes: ex-con, sexual fantasy, role-play, bondage, dirty talk, bullying, hotel setting

WARNING: Adult content that might be considered taboo. Explicit content, strong language. Reader discretion advised.


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