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If I Should Stumble by Claire Davis & Al Stewart

~Review by Judith~


If I Should Stumble (Tork and Adam #3)



Once there was a boy, a sweet boy, who looked at other boys for longer than he should have

 I’ve been putting off writing this review for days because I really don’t know how to put into words how wonderful it is and how much it touched me.

Kaz is a runner in his home country.There’s nothing more he enjoys than spending time with his beloved coach.When he’s with the coach he feels safe and protected until one day his world is shattered.He’s told to run one last time and not look back.He must leave everything and everyone behind.
You don’t get to find out which country he’s from but it’s obviously in turmoil and doesn’t tolerate homosexuality.You aren’t given any in-depth detail about what he goes through but enough is included to make you understand the struggle he’s been through.

He’s now in the UK staying at the same group home as Tork.On the outside, he’s charming and polite but inside he’s struggling.He has so many memories, feels guilt and shame and turns to a bottle of cider to blank everything out and just forget.
Tork is assigned as his mentor and refuses to give up on him.He’s seen him running and persuades him to coach a running team Adam has started for the homeless shelter he volunteers for.This is where he meets Zack.

Zack, the boy with the soft hair and blue eyes who is very self-conscious about his weight.But Kaz doesn’t see an overweight boy when he looks at Zack.He sees someone kind and gentle and someone who is just there for him.

This book broke my heart a little bit.I just wanted to reach in and put my arms around Kaz.It’s a beautiful story of memories, loss, hope, new friendships, and boyfriends

Highly recommended.

ARC of If I Should Stumble was generously provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.


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Lunchtime Nibbles (Volume One)

 ~Review by Judith~


Lunchtime Nibbles (Volume One)

by Claire Davis & Al Stewart

***** 5 Stars*****

Absolutely loved these two short stories.Sexy and Cute…Just delicious!

Gold star rating with five golden stars

I recently read Billie Jean by these Authors and absolutely loved it and these two stories were just as good.

Cheese and Pickle

Harvey has been crushing on his team leader,Greg,for ages.Imagine his surprise and delight when Greg takes him out one lunchtime on a work related issue and things get hot and heavy in the car.
A year on they has been meeting every Tuesday lunchtime for more of the same.Harvey was just adorable.He’s constantly fretting about his liaisons with Greg.He spends his time looking forward to every Tuesday and daydreaming about so much more between them.But he’s terrified of pushing Greg away,so after they’ve got down and dirty he rambles on about home improvements and eats cheese and pickle sandwiches with Greg.This was just so funny and endearing!

The Detonator

Adam Dryden-man magnet and butt extraordinaire-had fallen.

Tork’s birthday is fast approaching and Adam is in a total tailspin.He’s fussing and worrying about presents,decorations and wants it to be special.What better than penis-shaped balloons,microwave food and a home make cake with enough butter to sink a ship!

If you’ve read anything by these Authors you’ll totally love these two stories.So damn funny,so damn cute and just enough sexy times.

Highly recommend!!

ARC of Lunchtime Nibbles was generously provided by the authors, in exchange for an honest review.


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