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Crash (Crash #1) by Drew Jordan

Review by ❤ Mary ❤



Crash (Crash #1) by Drew Jordan

 My rating 4 Stars out of 5   


Lainey flies to Alaska to meet again and to get married to  her childhood friend, but before she arrives at her destination,  the plane crashes, and she is the only survivor. She is saved by a man from the woods. A gorgeous mountain man, who takes her to his cabin in the woods and  heals her wounds. She thinks that after she heals she could go to the nearest town and return to her life before the crash.  But her savior becomes her captor and has other plans for her.

Well, this was one interesting reading for me.  Some interesting turn of events, in the end, a little mind fuck. I wasn’t expecting that.  I like that it wasn’t predictable. It’s not the first dark book that I read, but it is the first where I enjoyed and I was turned on at some scenes. I know…I have a broken mind.

I liked that the heroine  in some critical moments didn’t panic. But I didn’t like when si was insecure.  And that thing happened over the whole book. She wanted to escape, but she didn’t want to escape. It killed me.


The hero in some points ( ok, at all the points ), I did not exactly understand him either. Now it was tender and open, and in two minutes cold and distant and absurd in some points.

And the cherry on the cake was the L word.  I don’t think it was the case of that word. That word doesn’t have a place in those circumstances and in that story.  If the usage of that word was to obtain her freedom, I would understand, but it wasn’t. But I didn’t feel it, but I didn’t feel the love between the characters.  The chemistry and the attraction yes, but not the love.

For me, the ending of the book saved the book. If the book wasn’t ending the way it did, I would definitely don’t give it 4 stars.


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