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Bloodline by Barbara Elsborg

~Review by Judith~


Bloodline by Barbara Elsborg

(Unnamed London PNR Series #2)

*****4.5 stars*****


This was so different to previous books I’ve read by this Author,but I absolutely loved it.There definitely aren’t enough,good,paranormal M/M books out there and this soo worked for me.

Well,this was definitely a first for me.A Barbara Elsborg book with humor,add into the mix a sexy Paranormal M/M and this was a hit for me.

A sexy Vampire…Inigo.                   A sexy faerie…Micah.



They shouldn’t connect but they do in the most delicious way.They are both tops sighs.How will they ever get around this? Oh,yes….bring on the sexy times.They adapt very quickly!

This is the second book in the series.I haven’t read book one because it’s M/F but that definitely didn’t spoil my enjoyment of this and this can be read as a stand alone.

Paranormal books aren’t necessarily my preferred Genre but I love it when I find one’s that really work.

This wasn’t too complicated,which they sometimes can be and the scene setting and characters were so engaging.The humor works perfectly here,a little bit dry but given the characters it was spot on.
The inner thoughts of Inigo were just brilliant and I know it’s wrong but I found,the villain,Oberon so damn funny… I was kind of rooting for him!


If you’re a fan of M/M Paranormal I would highly recommend this.


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