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Taunt by Eve Dangerfield

Review by ❤ Mary ❤


*****5 Stars*****


Daniel and her best friend are hiding in Paris.  They discovered something awful about the future on our planet. After her miserable friend decides to abandon her, Daniel run in London. She is a free spirit, a free and independent  woman who lives her life how she pleases. She is so crazy,  in the good and funny way. Not to mention, Hot and Sexy as hell. Unfortunately, she is captured by the mean people how wanted to know what she and her best friend discovered.

In the meantime in New York, some 3 hot sexy ex-military from a security firm are hired to guard a dangerous ecoterrorism in Santa Monica, in a special house. I laughed so hard when they met with the “dangerous terrorist”.  Now starts the real war.

 My John                                                                My Colt


My Seb

From all the guys, John was my favorite, although I would have liked to have known him better. For him to be more present and especially to know his thoughts better.

What happens next and how the things evolve, I let you find for yourself.

I’m telling you only this….I laughed so hard from the beginning to the end.  It has a unique subject.  For me, this book contains all I’m looking for reading..super funny, super hot, action and suspense. I was expecting a little more hot and even darker.  But it was ok even this way. Don’t let the blurb fool you. It’s an amazing book. I just couldn’t put my kindle down. It killed me. I was reading day and night, I was reading while I was cooking, even on the toilet,  non-stop.

ARC kindly provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review


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