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Review by Dia

Torch (Unbreakable Bonds #3) 

by Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliott

*****5 stars*****

30169169This book was much expected. I loved the first 2 books in this series and I had a feeling Torch it’s going to be Rowe’s story. Mel’s death broke my heart and I couldn’t shake the feeling Rowe will have a hard time to fall for someone again.

I would lie if I’d say it was as wonderful as I expected it to be, but I liked it very much, it kept me glued to the pages AND I love these author’s writing style.


Image result for gif painful menI missed these hot men a lot! Lucas and Andrei are still my favorite couple so far. It was great visiting them all again AND be in Rowe’s mind. Even if he was married for so long and loved his wife with all his heart, he found himself checking other men. But he never felt like act on it. Things were different with Noah.


Noah came back in Rowe’s life after many years of keeping the distance. They were close friends but one night, long time ago, changed their friendship forever. Now, Noah wants to be close to Rowe again and prove they still have something going on.

The chemistry is undeniable and they are still very attracted to one another. But is it enough? Can Rowe let himself feel something more for someone else? A man?
All their lives are now in danger and when they find out who is after them, the fear and guilt may change their lives once again.

I can’t wait for Hollis and Ian’s story. I’m sure it’s going to be very HOT and maybe they will all find their well deserved peace and HEA!

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