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Review by Dia

Pansies (Spires Universe) by Alexis Hall

5 HUGE stars           20422553


Another amazing story by Alexis Hall! I was hooked from the first pages. I loved every chapter, every word. His writing style is. JUST.PERFECT!

I have no words to describe how much I love it!  This story had it all: broken dreams, drama, family problems, but also it had hope, forgiveness and so much sweetness!                                                                                      

Image result for gif painful menAlfie was so sweet and kind. He is not happy even if it seems he has it all: an expensive car, an amazing house, a great job in London, great friends. But he feels he wants more, needs more. Then he meets this interesting stranger with long blonde hair and pink strands and he is drowning to him. This stranger seems to have some unexpected secrets he will expose after one HOT night together. And everything changes for both of them.

This story felt pretty real to me. I really do believe people can change so much over the years. My heart ached for Alfie when he felt miserable for everything he was and did when he was a teenager. I understood his frustrations regarding his mistakes from the past.

Fen – what a broken and complicated character he was. The letters he was writing to his mother broke my heart. My heart ached for his awful early years. He wanted so much to be strong, but he really needed Alfie in his life – Alfie’s presence to heal him.

I really loved this story and I felt it is closer to Glitterland than For Real. I’m sure I will re-read it because it was so sweet and went directly to my heart!

“And Fen came to him at last like a shipwrecked sailor finding himself safely beached on beloved, familiar shores.”

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