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Torch by Jocelynn Drake& Rinda Elliott

~Review by Judith~


Torch by Jocelynn Drake& Rinda Elliott 

(Unbreakable Bonds #3)

****3.5 Stars.****


I wanted to love this one,I really did but it didn’t work for me for numerous reasons.


I couldn’t wait for Rowe’s story.Bi-curious is one of my favorite things and I had high hopes here but,for me,it didn’t deliver.

I’m in the unpopular corner again here…..
I’m putting most of my review in a spoiler because although I didn’t particularly like it,I know the majority of people did and it’s probably more of a rant than a review.

(THIS IS SPOILER)  I absolutely adored Rowe in book two but didn’t really like him here.It’s been nine months since his wife died and he’s barely holding it together when an old friend reappears in his life.He and Noah have a history that goes way back.After one hot encounter, Rowe bolted.They never discussed it and had sporadic contact over the years but Noah is back and Rowe’s finding it hard( no pun intended ) to resist him.
If there’s one thing that really annoys me it’s the constant back and forth between characters and this was no exception.Rowe’s inner thoughts just bored me.Even when he was getting down and dirty with Noah he was analyzing things constantly.The sex scenes were ok to start with,then just bored me.The last 20% really annoyed me.So they’ve got Hanna held captive for interrogation and what are Rowe and Noah doing….declaring undying love for each other….yeah right??!! The final nail in the coffin,for me,was the thing with Lucas and Andrei.
These two men passionately love each other and yet after ONE week of Lucas being distant Andrei is ready to move out.

Rant over.

On a positive note and that’s really why I’ve rated it 3.5 Stars…..IAN AND HOLLIS…..yes, please.Ian is one of my favorite characters ever!

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