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Review by Judith

Interborough (Five Boroughs #4)by Santino Hassell


       ****4 Stars****


Whenever I read a book by this Author I simply cannot put it down.I read this in just over 24 hours.

So it’s just over a year into David and Raymond’s relationship and while they obviously love each other things definitely aren’t going smoothly.

Raymond is desperately trying to better himself.He’s working two jobs and attending college in the evening.As a result, he’s too exhausted to give David the attention he craves.

David is becoming more and more insecure and paranoid.He can’t help comparing his relationship with Raymond to that of his previous boyfriend, Caleb.Is Raymond treating him the same way he treats Caleb?
Add into the mix a hot guy Raymond works with who David is convinced is after Raymond and the fact Raymond isn’t fully out about their relationship and his insecurities go into overdrive.

God, these two infuriated me at times.They fight, make up, fight, makeup….it just drove me crazy.Even when they tried to talk to each other things didn’t really get resolved.( the makeup sex kind of made up for that, though), this Author writes some of the hottest sex scenes! 

This series is in my top two favorite M/M series.The characters are so real and true to life.Even when two people love each other so much Real Life is always there to fuck things up.
Great catching up with previous characters, especially Michael and the Sex God that is Nunzio, and the Epilogue was just perfect.

Great BR with some of my gorgeous girls, really enjoyed it.







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