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Review by ***Ralu***

Bender by Gene Gant


****3,5 stars****


This book was recommended to me by a good friend…Dia,…who liked the book.The only thing she told me was that the main character is asexual and initially I was not really interesting to read about this.It is not a subject that I am interested to read in romance books but the description of the book made me curious because I love books especially when they are intense.

This book was interesting for me because it was the first book that I read where the main character, which here is Mace Danner, is asexual.My opinion is that this book is more about the journey of a young man toward the light at the end of a tunnel and is not so much about romance.A journey which is full of pain, darkness, guilt, and self-punishment.

“I’m poison. I poison everything.”



Mace is lonely and broken inside and very confused about his sexuality…because he never been attracted to people, sexually.He lives a secret life as a paid submissive escort to pay college and because he wants to be punished for his brother’s death.Mace feels guilty for the death of his brother and I’ll leave those who want to read the book, to discover while reading, why he feels guilty and circumstances that lead to his brother death.

My heart was broken for him when one night he has “a meeting with a client “and it turns into something else.Because of that night will begin a friendship between him and Dex Hammel. Mace, of course, he tries to keep him away but Dex is determined to help him.

Dex is the dorm’s resident advisor, where both live.He is a nice guy and I like him, but I would have liked to know more about him because I didn’t feel so much the connection between Dex and Mace.

Why Mace feels guilty for the death of his brother?
Why does he feel the need to be punished?
Why did he not let anyone get close to him?
Will can Dex help Mace and convince him that he needs help?
Will their relationship become more than a friendship?
Mace will it be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel?

For those who want to find answers to these questions, I recommend you to read the book.Even if the book is short and is not a normal romance book because the main character is asexual the book is good and the story is interesting.

Copy kindly provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.






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