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~Review~Dance With Me (Dancing #1) by Heidi Cullinan

Dance With Me (Dancing #1) by Heidi Cullinan

Review by ***Ralu***


*****5 beautiful stars*****


I love everything about this book..the story, the character, and the cover beautiful.

Ed Maurer and Laurie Parker …they meet at a local community center where are both volunteers of Halcyon Center.
At first, they did not like each other and there is tension between them until the situation makes Laurie ask Ed if he wants to be his dance partner to a ballroom dance class where he is the instructor.
It is the beginning when everything changes between them because they start to dance… together.

Ed Maurer 


Former semi-pro football player.

Due to a neck injury during a game is forced to give up his football career and lives with pain every day. He has a job that hates but he loves to volunteer at a local community center.

He discovers a new passion…Dancing…Dancing with Laurie.

Laurie Parker 


He was once a famous ballet dancer.

After a competition which changed the course of his career, he doesn’t want to perform on stage anymore. Laurie just wants to teach dance classes and avoid public society….and …his mother…who insists that he must return to perform on the stage where is his place.

This book is about hope to do what you love, acceptance for who you are as a person, pain, and fear for the changes in your life and learn that sometimes to accept help from the loved ones is not a bad thing.



Ed and Laurie trying to get over some things in their past that changed their lives.

Will be Ed able to accept the changes in his life that he has to live because of his injury? Will Laurie perform on stage again so that people can enjoy his beautiful dance? Will they succeed together to get over the problems they have and try to have a beautiful future together?

Will they dance together until to the very end?



I really recommend this book for those who want to read a sweet love story.







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