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Review by Judith

The Cattery by K.A. Merikan





Let me start off saying this is nothing like these Authors other series.
I’m all about dirty sex in books but,surprisingly,really not into kink.I’ve read one other book with animal role playing which I liked but it wouldn’t normally be my thing but this one TOTALLY worked for me.
I mean,imagine 5 gorgeous young men wearing collars,kitten ears and crawling around on their hands and knees…..let me tell you this is a hot one!


Goran is from Croatia and has come to America after he got his family’s business in trouble and wants to make money to help them out.His mouth has no filter and he can’t hold down a job.He sees an advertisement online that he knows probably involves sexual favors but he goes for it.

Luis is in control of The Cattery.He’s not good with people,preferring animals,especially cats,for the company.
Goran joins The Cattery and along with 4 other young men becomes one of Luis’s kitties…..
Stay with me because it actually works!!

Ollie was the first kitty and has been there for two years.He was cast aside by his family for being Gay and had become quite institutionalized……terrified of the outside world.

Kind of an enemy to lovers story.Like I said I wasn’t too sure about cat role playing but I actually found it a turn on.
I seriously don’t know how these Authors come up with their ideas but I absolutely love their books.

Highly recommended for kinky M/M fans…..



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Review by Judith

With the Band by L.A.Witt





Aaron was in a band previously but the band broke up after he had a relationship with another band member.He moves to Seattle to audition as a lead singer in another band his brother and sister are part of.They are a pretty laid back group…the only stipulation is that fellow band members don’t get involved…

Enter Bastian,a guitarist in the band…

The moment they set eyes on each other the attraction is obvious.Aaron is gay but only his sister knows.Bastian is bi and has just come out of a relationship with a woman.
They start off as friends but Holy Hell….the sexual tension is off the charts hot!!!
The sex scenes are plentiful and extremely erotic…I was definitely more than a bit flustered reading this but I have to say the scenes were very well written and these two were perfect together.

There are complications along the way…a crazy ex and when they are ‘outed’,unbearable tension within the band.
I do love a Rock Star book and even more so if it’s man on man action.The Author did a great job in creating the atmosphere of a Rock Band when they were on stage.
This is told only from Aaron’s POV and in certain books that work but I think here the story would have benefited from getting Bastian’s as well.

Thanks, Jessica.A for the rec,xxx

Highly recommended if you enjoy M/M erotica with two totally likable characters……



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~Review~Dance With Me (Dancing #1) by Heidi Cullinan

Dance With Me (Dancing #1) by Heidi Cullinan

Review by ***Ralu***


*****5 beautiful stars*****


I love everything about this book..the story, the character, and the cover beautiful.

Ed Maurer and Laurie Parker …they meet at a local community center where are both volunteers of Halcyon Center.
At first, they did not like each other and there is tension between them until the situation makes Laurie ask Ed if he wants to be his dance partner to a ballroom dance class where he is the instructor.
It is the beginning when everything changes between them because they start to dance… together.

Ed Maurer 


Former semi-pro football player.

Due to a neck injury during a game is forced to give up his football career and lives with pain every day. He has a job that hates but he loves to volunteer at a local community center.

He discovers a new passion…Dancing…Dancing with Laurie.

Laurie Parker 


He was once a famous ballet dancer.

After a competition which changed the course of his career, he doesn’t want to perform on stage anymore. Laurie just wants to teach dance classes and avoid public society….and …his mother…who insists that he must return to perform on the stage where is his place.

This book is about hope to do what you love, acceptance for who you are as a person, pain, and fear for the changes in your life and learn that sometimes to accept help from the loved ones is not a bad thing.



Ed and Laurie trying to get over some things in their past that changed their lives.

Will be Ed able to accept the changes in his life that he has to live because of his injury? Will Laurie perform on stage again so that people can enjoy his beautiful dance? Will they succeed together to get over the problems they have and try to have a beautiful future together?

Will they dance together until to the very end?



I really recommend this book for those who want to read a sweet love story.