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Drawn In by Barbara Elsborg

Drawn In by Barbara Elsborg


******4.5 Stars.******


This is definitely my kind of book.

Two characters who are struggling in their daily lives for different reasons.I didn’t find it particularly dark although there is some sensitive,thought-provoking subject matter.

Kell  is working as an undercover Cop in a gay club trying to obtain information to bring down the club’s owner.One of the men close to the
top takes a shine to Kell and he finds himself giving into Marek’s violent demands in the hope of gaining his trust and getting some insight into the club’s business.Add into the mix his truly despicable brother whose sole purpose in life is driven by his hatred of Kell.

Gethin is a former musician now working as a Private Investigator.He was in foster care from a young age.His life definitely hasn’t been a bed of roses and he’s now having to deal with his ex Jonnie and to say the situation is complicated is an understatement.

Both men cut quite lonely,sad figures and I felt for both their situations.They meet when Gethin is helping a friend out,working as a waiter at a party Kell is at.The attraction between them is obvious and after their first sexual encounter, they agree to a casual,sex-only involvement.

The plot is a good one as the two men’s worlds collide.

This definitely isn’t a romance for the majority of the book although the more their lives become intertwined the more they become to acknowledge it’s not just about sex.On that note,let me say the sex is pretty damn hot……it’s raw,dirty and passionate,just how I like my men to be!

Like I said,one of the subject matters, in particular, was very difficult to read about and I think the Author perfectly captured the last scene between those involved.

Would I recommend this one?

100% yes if you’re a fan of this Author and like something a bit edgier.But if you’re into fluffy M/M reads probably not.

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