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Review by Judith

Sunset Park (Five Boroughs #2) 

by Santino Hassell



This is the second book in the series and while it can be read as a standalone I strongly recommend reading the first book to get an insight into Raymond and especially David.

Raymond and David were introduced in book one.Raymond is Michael’s younger brother and David was involved in ‘that’ totally hot threesome in book one with Michael and Nunzio( it’s worth reading the book for that alone…I’ve read it so many times!! 😀 )

So, Raymond and David are sharing an apartment.David contacted Raymond when Michael was in rehab and is determined to be friends with him if nothing else.He’s definitely got a thing for Raymond but thinks he’s straight.

Raymond….Yes, please!!


Raymond is 25, a hot, sexy mess.He didn’t go to college, has no qualifications and kind of drifts through life.His sexual orientation is conflicted…he’s been involved in a casual relationship with a girl but is bi-curious but can’t really be bothered to explore this side of his sexuality.

Enter David…..


David is openly Gay and proud.He’s definitely attracted to Raymond.So when Raymond expresses his curiosity in men David is more than willing to let him explore his desires with him.I didn’t warm to David in book one and this one didn’t really change my opinion much, although the more I read I did understand him more.Something from David’s past didn’t help.

(view spoiler)When David’s ex-appeared on the scene I was beyond frustrated with him.Yes, I got he thought Caleb was the safer option but, come on ….he had cheated on the guy more than once, had acknowledged there was no passion but still contemplated going back to him.

Negatives aside I absolutely loved this book….it’s totally my thing.
It’s gritty and real and this Author writes the best sex scenes, rough and dirty…just how I like my men to be.
There are some amazing characters in this series, especially Nunzio and Raymond…these two are sex personified.

I absolutely love this Author and if you like your M/M action to be realistic, dirty and gritty I can’t recommend highly enough…….







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